Ferrari Alters 95% of Car, Nears Red Bull Performance

Ferrari’s team boss, Frederic Vasseur, is confident about the team’s new car for the 2024 Formula 1 season, stating that 95% of the car will be changed in an effort to improve performance, although the exact details will remain unclear until its launch on 13 February.


‣ Ferrari is hopeful and confident about their new car for the 2024 Formula 1 season, even before its presentation.
‣ The new Ferrari car, provisionally codenamed 676, will be a completely different car and is expected to launch on 13 February.
‣ The team will change 95 per cent of the car, with improvements made in every detail for better performance. The drivers have been involved in the process from the beginning.
‣ Team boss Frederic Vasseur expects the field to slide together and for Red Bull to be less dominant, but acknowledges that it is difficult to make up for a deficit under the budget cap.

As we gear up for a fresh season, it’s time to look back and ponder. What didn’t go so well last time? But more importantly, how hopeful are we, the Formula 1 teams, for what’s to come? Ferrari, for one, is already brimming with confidence about their new car for 2024, even though it’s yet to be unveiled. Frederic Vasseur, the team boss, was pretty upbeat about it last weekend.

Now, what will this Ferrari look like? It’s currently under the code name 676, and we won’t know until its grand reveal on 13th February. Vasseur, during a media chat with Gazzetta dello Sport and others, did drop a hint though. He said we should expect a completely different beast at the start of the F1 season.

Ferrari’s getting down to the nitty-gritty. “The rules are the same, so no revolution,” Vasseur, the Frenchman, clarified. But, he added, “We’re changing about 95% of the car. We’re trying to better every little detail, all in the pursuit of enhanced performance. And our drivers? They’ve been in on it from the get-go.” So, Vasseur’s bold enough to say, “We’re expecting to be faster. The simulator results back us up, but we’ll only know how much faster when we start comparing lap times with Red Bull and the rest.”

Can Ferrari take on Red Bull consistently? Vasseur thinks the field will close up and the Austrians will be less dominant. But he’s also aware that under the budget cap, it’s tough to completely bridge a gap. “They still have the upper hand. We’ll have to see how they kick off the season,” he said.

Albert Ramirez
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