Ferrari Chairman Wishes to Avoid Repeat of 2021 Championship Situation

Red Bull Racing has dominated the racing season with Max Verstappen winning 16 of the last 17 races, but Ferrari president John Elkann warns that while such dominance shows excellence, it could be detrimental if other teams cannot catch up, and calls for more clarity in rules and applications for sustainability in F1.


‣ Red Bull Racing has dominated the recent racing season, with Max Verstappen winning 16 of the last 17 races.
‣ Ferrari president John Elkann acknowledges the positives of Red Bull’s dominance, but also highlights the drawbacks, particularly for other teams.
‣ Elkann emphasizes the importance of clarity in rules and applications in F1, especially in the context of the sport’s move towards sustainability.
‣ He also mentions the need for more clarity in terms of budget caps and penalties, to avoid situations like the 2021 championship and the Vegas race.

Racing season’s about to wrap up, and boy, are most teams ready for a break. Red Bull Racing’s been the big dog this year, only stumbled once in Singapore. John Elkann, the big cheese at Ferrari, had a chat with the BBC about it. He reckons Red Bull’s winning streak is a mixed bag.

Sure, teams aren’t thrilled about Red Bull’s dominance. It’s pretty clear-cut. Max Verstappen’s been on fire, bagging 16 of the last 17 races. He’s got a bunch of major records under his belt this season. Teams are gonna have to pull their socks up this winter if they want a shot at the title next year.

Verstappen’s been nailing it. He even said the F1 race saved the weekend in Las Vegas.

Elkann’s got a few thoughts on Red Bull’s winning streak. He sees a silver lining. “If they’re dominating, they’re doing something right. That’s a good thing because we’re all here to be the best. But if no one can catch up, that’s a problem,” he said.

F1’s been making moves towards sustainability. Elkann’s got a few words on that too. “There’s a lot of change happening, especially with the push for carbon-neutrality. We need clear rules and guidelines. We don’t want a repeat of the 2021 championship or the Vegas debacle where you get penalised 10 places for no fault of your own. We need more clarity on the rules, applications, and budget caps,” he said.

There’s been some chatter about AlphaTauri’s new name. Apparently, the logo’s been leaked. And Tost had some kind words for Verstappen. He said, “Max can read the race.”

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