Ferrari Confirms Interest in Verstappen, Desired by Every F1 Team Boss

Max Verstappen is contracted with Red Bull Racing until 2028, but Ferrari has expressed interest in him, although a switch does not currently seem likely; Ferrari also reportedly had discussions with Lewis Hamilton before he re-signed with Mercedes.


‣ Max Verstappen is contracted with Red Bull Racing until 2028, making him currently unavailable for other Formula 1 teams.
‣ Ferrari has confirmed its interest in Verstappen, with team boss Vasseur stating that all 10 team bosses would love to have him on their team.
‣ A switch to Ferrari for Verstappen does not seem likely at the moment, but Vasseur has not ruled out the possibility entirely.
‣ Ferrari has also reportedly had discussions with Lewis Hamilton before he signed a new contract with Mercedes.

Max Verstappen, the triple world champion, is currently off the market. He’s tied up with Red Bull Racing until 2028. This doesn’t mean other Formula 1 teams aren’t eyeing him, though.

Ferrari, for instance, has confirmed their interest in Verstappen. Vasseur, when asked by’s Italian branch, said, “I think if you asked the same question to all 10 team bosses on the grid, they would all answer that they would love to have him in the team.”

However, don’t expect to see Verstappen in a Ferrari anytime soon. Vasseur was quick to add, “Max has a contract until 2028 at Red Bull. We have to focus on ourselves and work on our own things, thinking about who is in the team. It’s not just about the drivers, but we have to look at the whole.”

But, in true unpredictable fashion, he added, “But I also say never say never.”

Ferrari’s been busy, though. They’ve also reportedly had chats with Lewis Hamilton. Before the 38-year-old Briton signed a new contract with Mercedes, there were whispers of talks with Ferrari.

Vasseur, however, downplayed these rumors. He said he’s been talking to Hamilton regularly for a long time – as with many other drivers on the F1 grid. He quipped, “In Baku we talked a bit and from then on everyone started talking about it, but if I signed contracts with everyone who has raced for me in the past, it would cost me a fortune.”

In other news, Horner pointed out a weakness in Red Bull: there’s always room for improvement. But that’s a story for another day.

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