Ferrari Confirms Leclerc & Sainz’s Continuation

Ferrari’s president, John Elkann, has confirmed that drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will remain with the team beyond the 2024 season, despite no official contract signing having been announced yet.


‣ Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are expected to remain with Ferrari beyond the 2024 season, as indicated by Ferrari’s president, John Elkann.
‣ Leclerc has expressed his desire to extend his contract with Ferrari, while Sainz, despite showing interest in Audi, is also keen to stay with the Italian team.
‣ Leclerc joined the F1 team through the Ferrari Academy, while Sainz was part of the Red Bull Junior Team before moving to Ferrari.
‣ Elkann expressed disappointment with Ferrari’s performance in the past Formula 1 season, but highlighted the team’s high number of pole positions and expressed the need to convert these into wins in future championships.

No official contract signing has been announced just yet. However, Ferrari fans can breathe easy. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are set to stay with the Italian team beyond the 2024 season. This was confirmed by none other than John Elkann, Ferrari’s president, during an investor interview.

Elkann’s announcement isn’t exactly a shocker. Leclerc has hinted at wanting to extend his expiring contract more than once. Sainz, on the other hand, has been linked to Audi – set to join Formula 1 in 2026. But the Spaniard seems pretty keen on sticking with the Italians. Elkann confirmed this, saying both drivers are set to sign a new contract with Ferrari. His exact words? “Sainz and Leclerc? They will stay, of course.”

Leclerc’s journey to the F1 team was through the Ferrari Academy. Before that, he spent a season driving for Sauber. Carlos Sainz has a different story. He was part of the Red Bull Junior Team for quite a while. Unlike his ex-teammate Max Verstappen, he didn’t make it to Red Bull Racing. So, he found a new home at Renault, McLaren, and now Ferrari.

Elkann also touched on Ferrari’s performance in the past Formula 1 season. His team did win a Grand Prix (in Singapore), but overall, it was a letdown. “Ferrari’s season was disappointing, but the way it ended, we could almost have finished second,” said Elkann. He also mentioned how they were fighting for second place in the last part of the championship.

Elkann pointed out the high number of poles Ferrari has taken. He believes this is something to consider moving forward. “We have to take that into account and move forward in the next championships and convert those pole positions into wins,” he said.

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