Ferrari Executive Resigns from Formula 1

Ferrari’s head of strategy, Ignacio Rueda, is set to leave his role and work on the brand’s sports cars, marking the end of his long-standing partnership in Formula 1, following a series of strategic blunders by the team.


‣ Ferrari is undergoing significant changes before the start of the new season, including the departure of the head of the strategy department.
‣ Ignacio Rueda, the current leader of the Scuderia’s strategy team, will remain with Ferrari but in a different role, ending his long-standing partnership in Formula 1.
‣ Ferrari’s strategy has been a point of contention, with several strategic blunders leading to disappointments despite some victories.
‣ Specific instances of poor strategy include the 2022 Monaco and Hungary races, where wrong tyre choices led to extra pit stops and lost opportunities.

Ferrari’s on the brink of another major shakeup. With Laurent Mekies gone, Corriere dello Sport reports that the strategy department’s head honcho is also stepping aside.

Enter Ignacio Rueda. He’s been leading the Scuderia’s strategy team, but he’s not leaving Ferrari. Nope, he’s just switching roles. Word on the street is, he’ll be working on the brand’s sports cars.

So, it’s the end of an era. Rueda, a Madrid native, has been with Ferrari for years, right at the heart of motorsport’s elite class.

Ferrari’s Strategy Slip-ups

But let’s face it, strategy’s always been a bit of a sore spot for Ferrari. Sure, Carlos Sainz took the victory in Singapore, but the team’s had its fair share of letdowns.

Take Monaco 2022, for example. The frustration was palpable when Charles Leclerc was called in for a pit stop just a few laps after his first one. And who could forget the drama in Hungary that same year?

The temperature was a game-changer. The hard tyre? Not the best choice for the track. But the team went ahead and put Leclerc on the hard tyres anyway. Only to realize later that it was a no-go.

So, Leclerc had to make an extra pit stop. And then there was the drama in America last season. Once again, Leclerc found himself on a one-stop strategy that raised eyebrows.

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