Ferrari Expects Sainz to Return at Melbourne Grand Prix

Carlos Sainz missed the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix due to appendicitis and was replaced by Oliver Bearman, but is expected to return for the Australian Grand Prix, where Ferrari aims to be competitive and adopt an aggressive approach.


‣ Carlos Sainz had to miss the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix due to appendicitis and was replaced by Oliver Bearman. Ferrari expects him to return for the Australian Grand Prix.

‣ Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur is optimistic about the team’s performance at the Australian Grand Prix, aiming for an aggressive approach to challenge the team that won the first two races.

‣ The Albert Park track in Australia is a favorite among drivers and has historically seen strong support for Ferrari.

Carlos Sainz had a rough weekend. The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix? He missed it. Why? Well, the guy had to undergo surgery for appendicitis. So, who stepped in? Oliver Bearman. That’s right, the young gun took the wheel of Sainz’s SF-24. And Ferrari? They’re pretty optimistic. They reckon Sainz will be back tearing up the track in Australia.

Now, let’s chat about what’s next. Carlos is gearing up for a comeback. After sitting out in Jeddah, thanks to that pesky appendicitis, he’s itching to get back. Him and Charles Leclerc, they’re a dynamic duo. Front runners, if you will. They’ve shown their mettle in the first two rounds, and they’re not slowing down.

Oh, and guess who was spotted in Melbourne earlier this week? Yep, our man Carlos.

### Vasseur looks ahead to the Australian GP

Frederic Vasseur, the big boss at Ferrari, is all eyes on Australia. After the whirlwind of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the team’s landed down under. It’s the longest haul of the season, but hey, who doesn’t love the Albert Park track? It’s a hit with the drivers and a place where Ferrari fans go wild.

Vasseur’s game plan? Aggression. He’s not here to play it safe. With two wins under their belt, the competition’s fierce. But Ferrari’s ready to shake things up in Melbourne. They’re aiming to be at the head of the pack, putting the pressure on and making their mark.

So, there you have it. Sainz’s unexpected pit stop, a young replacement stepping up, and a team principal with his eyes on the prize. Melbourne’s gearing up to be quite the showdown.

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