Ferrari Faces Trouble with Bearman, Marko Claims

Helmut Marko praised Oliver Bearman’s debut performance in Saudi Arabia and suggested Ferrari should find him a Formula 1 seat with another team, like Haas, due to their current lineup and financial considerations.


‣ Oliver Bearman’s debut performance at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix was highly praised by Helmut Marko, noting it as “sensational” and comparable at times to Charles Leclerc‘s level.

‣ Marko questions Ferrari’s strategy in managing their driver lineup, pointing out the challenge of having Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, and the emerging talent of Bearman under one roof.

‣ He suggests that Ferrari should find an F1 cockpit for Bearman at another team, such as Haas, to continue his development without losing him, given the financial constraints teams are currently facing.

‣ Marko highlights the changing dynamics in F1 where teams can no longer easily place young drivers in partner teams due to financial saturation, emphasizing the importance of strategic decisions in driver development and management.

Oliver Bearman might not wear the Red Bull colors, but boy, did he catch Helmut Marko’s eye at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix. And he’s just 18. Imagine that. Meanwhile, Marko couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at Ferrari’s move to lock in Lewis Hamilton for what seems like an eternity.

“Ollie Bearman in a Ferrari? Blew my mind,” Marko spilled on And let’s be real, making your debut in Saudi Arabia is no walk in the park. “Driving like a pro at Jeddah with barely any prep? Impressive.” At points, he was practically shadowing Charles Leclerc.

But here’s the kicker. Bearman’s stellar show leaves us hanging with a big question. What’s Ferrari’s game plan now? “They’ve shelled out big bucks for Hamilton, Leclerc’s tied down, and now there’s Bearman, a diamond in the rough,” Marko mused. He’s got a nugget of advice for Ferrari’s head honcho, Fred Vasseur. “If I were in his shoes, I’d be scouting for an F1 seat for Bearman pronto. Maybe Haas?” But, oh, the irony. Training him won’t be cheap, and let’s not forget, the teams aren’t exactly swimming in cash.

So, where does Bearman head to next?

Marko’s hinting at a tricky situation for Ferrari. Gone are the days when they could just throw cash at a team and say, “Make room for Bearman.” Especially for teams tight on budget, that strategy’s out the window. And right now, Haas F1 seems like a no-brainer. They’re practically family with Ferrari. Landing a seat there means Bearman stays in the Ferrari loop, potentially filling in for Hamilton or Leclerc down the line. But if he veers off to another team? That might just cut his Ferrari ties. And Ferrari, well, they’re not too keen on that idea.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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