Ferrari Secures Energy Drink Company Sponsorship Deal

Ferrari has upgraded its partnership with the energy drink brand Celsius, making it a ‘Team Partner’ and continuing to bring Celsius cans to the Formula 1 paddock, with drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz promoting the brand, which is known for its presence in the fitness industry and shared values of high performance and living fit.


‣ Ferrari has extended its partnership with Celsius, elevating the brand from a sponsor to a ‘Team Partner’, which involves Ferrari drivers promoting the energy drink.

‣ Celsius, known for its presence in the fitness industry, aims to align with Ferrari’s competitive spirit and commitment to performance, both on and off the track.

‣ The collaboration between Ferrari and Celsius is set to provide the team and its drivers with essential energy, supporting their performance throughout the intense Formula 1 season.

‣ The partnership is also focused on creating new experiences and assets for the global fan base of Scuderia Ferrari, indicating a broader engagement strategy beyond mere sponsorship.

Ferrari’s paddock just got a bit more energized. But not with the Red Bull you’re thinking of. Nope, they’re bringing in cans from Celsius, a brand that’s been around but is now stepping up its game.

Celsius Live Fit isn’t new to the Ferrari scene. They’ve been sponsors before. But now, they’ve hit the big leagues as a ‘Team Partner.’ What’s that mean? Well, for starters, you’ll see Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz casually holding a can of the stuff. And it’s not just any drink. Celsius is big in the fitness world, supplying those who like to keep fit with their range of sports drinks.

### Why Ferrari drivers also have energy drink cans

Now, why are Ferrari drivers suddenly models for an energy drink? Kyle Watson from Celsius has the scoop. He says it’s all about sharing that competitive spirit. Both Celsius and Ferrari want to push people to be their best, whether they’re on the track or just living their lives. “We’re thrilled to keep this partnership going,” Watson spills, clearly excited about what’s ahead.

But wait, there’s more. Ferrari’s not just happy to continue this partnership; they’re taking it to the next level. “Celsius is now a global Team Partner for the 2024 season and beyond,” beams Lorenzo Giorgetti, Ferrari’s Chief Racing Revenue Officer. This means more energy for the drivers and the team during the grueling 24 Grand Prix season. And let’s not forget the fans. Giorgetti hints at new experiences coming our way, thanks to this collaboration.

So, there you have it. Ferrari and Celsius are making moves, shaking up the usual energy drink scene in the paddock. It’s not just about the races; it’s about pushing to be the best, both on and off the track. And with a can of Celsius in hand, who knows what heights Ferrari will reach next?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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