Ferrari Targets Red Bull Racing Technical Staff for Recruitment

Ferrari aims to strengthen its technical team by targeting key personnel from Red Bull Racing, focusing on those just below top figures like Adrian Newey and Pierre Waché, to quickly impact their 2026 car development amidst turmoil within the Austrian team.


‣ Ferrari is actively seeking to recruit key technical staff from Red Bull Racing amid turmoil within the Austrian team, focusing on positions just below the top names like Adrian Newey and Pierre Waché.

‣ Frederic Vasseur, Ferrari’s team leader, aims to strengthen his technical team by targeting Red Bull Racing personnel, leveraging the current unsettled environment at Red Bull.

‣ The strategy involves recruiting technicians who can start working immediately, avoiding the lengthy gardening leave associated with top positions, to impact the development of the 2026 car.

‣ This move by Ferrari follows a trend seen with other Formula 1 teams like McLaren and Aston Martin, who have also successfully recruited from Red Bull Racing’s technical staff.

Ferrari’s got an eye on the chaos at Red Bull Racing. They’re not just looking; they’re plotting. The plan? Snag some of the tech wizards working under the big names. Why? Well, there’s a juicy reason behind it.

Over in Italy, La Gazzetta dello Sport spilled the beans. Ferrari’s not just window-shopping at Red Bull Racing. With the Austrian team in a bit of a pickle, Frederic Vasseur and his crew are ready to pounce. Since Vasseur stepped in, beefing up the tech team’s been on his to-do list. Now, it seems Red Bull’s talent is in his crosshairs.

But here’s the kicker. We’re not talking about the top dogs like Adrian Newey or Pierre Waché. Nope. Ferrari’s setting its sights a tad lower. Vasseur’s got a soft spot for Waché, sure. But snagging a technical director? That’s a waiting game Ferrari’s not keen on playing. They’re after the folks who can jump in quicker, make a splash on the 2026 car.

It’s a move straight out of the McLaren and Aston Martin playbook. Remember when McLaren nabbed Rob Marshall? Or when Dan Fallows left Red Bull’s aerodynamics team for Aston Martin? Yeah, Ferrari’s taking notes. Who exactly they’re eyeing up, though, remains a bit of a mystery.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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