Ferrari Updates on Sainz Operation: Latest News

Carlos Sainz underwent successful surgery for acute appendicitis in Jeddah while Oliver Bearman made his debut for Ferrari, with Sainz’s return date to F1 racing still unknown.


‣ Carlos Sainz underwent surgery for acute appendicitis at a hospital in Jeddah, with the operation reported to have gone well.

‣ Oliver Bearman made an unexpected debut for Ferrari in an official F1 session while Sainz was recovering.

‣ The return date for Carlos Sainz to F1 racing after his surgery is still unknown, drawing parallels to Alex Albon’s two-week recovery period from appendicitis in the previous season.

Oliver Bearman had a moment in the spotlight, stepping in for Ferrari in an F1 session. Meanwhile, Carlos Sainz found himself in a less enviable position, far from the racetrack. He was undergoing an urgent appendectomy in a Jeddah hospital. The surgery? It went smoothly, according to his team.

Ferrari was quick to update everyone. “Carlos is out of surgery. Everything went well, and he’s now getting some rest at the hospital. We’re all rooting for his speedy recovery.” Sainz had been feeling off since Wednesday. Despite this, he left the F1 paddock to catch some Z’s at his hotel. Still under the weather on Thursday, he somehow managed to participate in the practice sessions. Come Friday, the diagnosis was in – appendicitis. And so, the operation was a go.

Now, about Sainz’s comeback. That’s the million-dollar question. Last year, Alex Albon was benched for the Italian Grand Prix, thanks to the same ailment. Yet, the Thai driver was back in action two weeks later, at the wheel for Williams. He later confessed that the Singapore Grand Prix, his first race post-recovery, was no walk in the park.

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