Ferrari’s Strategy to Compete for 2024 Title

Despite having a successful 2023 season, Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz has expressed his dissatisfaction with the car’s performance and hopes for significant changes to be made in 2024 to make it more versatile and easier to drive.


‣ Carlos Sainz, the only non-Red Bull driver to win a race in 2023, anticipates significant adjustments to his Ferrari car in 2024.
‣ Despite a strong start, Sainz fell behind his teammate Charles Leclerc in the world championship towards the end of the 2023 season.
‣ Sainz expressed satisfaction with his team’s progress and hopes for further improvement in 2024.
‣ Sainz revealed that the current Ferrari car is difficult to understand and drive, and he hopes for a more versatile and easier-to-drive car in 2024.

Carlos Sainz’s 2023 season? Not too shabby, at first glance. He was the lone non-Red Bull racer to snag a win. Plus, he nabbed two pole positions. But, hold up. The Ferrari driver spilled to that 2024’s gonna see a heap of tweaks to his ride.

For a good chunk of the season, Sainz was outpacing his teammate, Charles Leclerc. But, as they say, the tables turned towards the end. Still, the Spaniard’s not too bummed about his performance. He said, “My season? Solid. Didn’t wrap up how I’d hoped, especially after a killer second half. But hey, it was solid. The team’s made strides, and we’ve duked it out for some big stuff. That’s something to be proud of. We’re moving forward, and if we can keep that momentum in 2024, we’ll be contenders.”

Sainz didn’t mince words about the Ferrari’s need for a revamp in 2024. When asked about his hopes for the car’s transformation, he said, “A lot. There’s been chatter about the car being a good match for me. But, let’s be real. The car’s been a pain, not just for me, but for my teammate and Ferrari. It’s a tough nut to crack. I’m not a fan of driving it, and I’ve had to tinker with the set-up a ton. Here’s hoping 2024 brings a more adaptable, user-friendly ride. A better race car, period.”

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