FIA Aims to Eliminate Track Limit Issues: AI Test in Abu Dhabi

The FIA is testing an artificial intelligence system in Abu Dhabi that uses computer vision technology to determine if drivers are exceeding track limits, potentially allowing for more accurate assessments and quicker time penalties.


‣ The FIA is testing a new AI system in Abu Dhabi to enforce track limits in racing, using Computer Vision technology.
‣ The AI system can assess whether F1 tyres cross the edge of the track, allowing for more accurate assessments and faster time penalties.
‣ Currently, track limits are enforced by a small team of people, but the new AI system could reduce the need for human intervention.
‣ The self-learning nature of the AI system will result in continuous improvements in assessments.

This weekend, Abu Dhabi will witness a first in the world of racing. Artificial intelligence will be put to the test to see if it can accurately determine when drivers are crossing track limits. The FIA is behind this innovative experiment, using Computer Vision technology to enforce track limits through a new AI system.

The system’s function is simple yet revolutionary. It calculates whether F1 tyres cross the track’s edge. The goal? To make more accurate assessments of when the white line is crossed.

But that’s not all. This system could also speed up the process of handing out time penalties. Instead of waiting until the race is over, stewards could dish out penalties as they happen.

Automatic assessment

Currently, enforcing track limits is a human task. A small team is responsible for assessing hundreds of suspicious situations per race. But this method isn’t foolproof. Unsanctioned violations slip through the cracks.

Enter the new AI system. It will allow employees to self-assess many of the reports generated. But the real game-changer is this: there will be situations where human intervention is no longer necessary.

The system is also self-learning. This means it will continuously improve its assessments. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s only a test at the Yas Marina Circuit this weekend.

The future of this AI system is still uncertain. Will we see it in action at all Grands Prix by 2024? Only time will tell.

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