FIA Denies Quick Madrid GP Arrival Due to Unfulfilled Important Steps

The FIA has denied rumors that the Spanish Grand Prix will move from Barcelona to Madrid in 2026, stating that the project is not as advanced as claimed and no agreement has been reached yet.


‣ Persistent rumours have been circulating about the Spanish Grand Prix moving from Barcelona to Madrid from 2026.
‣ The FIA denies that such a deal is imminent, stating that the Formula 1 project is not as advanced as claimed.
‣ Speculation suggests that the deal for an F1 race in Madrid is very close, with plans to host a GP on a five-kilometre-long circuit around the IFEMA conference centre.
‣ Carmelo Sanz de Barros, president of both the FIA Senate and the Spanish Automobile Federation, states that the federation has not yet seen the project and the FIA has not yet received the project details.

There’s been a buzz going around lately. Persistent whispers hint at the Spanish Grand Prix shifting its venue from Barcelona to Madrid in 2026. But hold your horses! The FIA says it’s not a done deal. They’re saying the Formula 1 project isn’t as far along as the rumors suggest.

What’s the FIA Saying About the Madrid GP?

Rumor has it, a deal for an F1 race in Madrid is almost sealed. The chatter is about a grand prix on a five-kilometer circuit. The location? Around the IFEMA conference center, northeast of the city, right near Madrid-Barajas International Airport.

But the FIA begs to differ. They’re saying the project isn’t as far along as the whispers suggest. Carmelo Sanz de Barros, the big guy at both the FIA Senate and the Spanish Automobile Federation Real Automóvil Club de España, had a chat with He said, “There is a clear process to have a grand prix in a place, and I don’t think that the process is being followed based on what you read.”

Sanz de Barros is pretty clear about it. The Spanish Automobile Federation is just starting to think about a new GP. But they haven’t seen the project yet. “This special step has not happened yet,” he explained. So, the FIA hasn’t got the project details either. And there’s definitely no agreement yet.

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