FIA Disregards Lewis Hamilton’s Comments on 2024 Prize Giving Gala Location

The FIA has announced that the 2024 FIA Prize Giving Ceremony, which crowns the champions of the world championships including the F1 championship, will be held in Rwanda, a decision that has raised questions about the organization’s commitment to sustainability.


‣ The FIA organises the annual Prize Giving Ceremony at the end of the Formula One season to crown the champions of the world championships, including the F1 championship.
‣ This year, the event will be held in Baku, a decision that has been criticised by Lewis Hamilton due to concerns about sustainability.
‣ The FIA has announced that the 2024 FIA Prize Giving Ceremony will be held in Rwanda, a country that does not host an F1 race.
‣ The decision to host the event in Rwanda has raised questions, as the prize could also be organised at the FIA’s headquarters in Paris.

The FIA didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory last week. Now, they’re adding to the confusion. Lewis Hamilton was already scratching his head over the FIA Prize Giving being in Baku this year. But wait till he hears where the next edition of the F1 circus is heading…

Every year, when the Formula One season wraps up, the FIA organizes the annual Prize Giving Ceremony. It’s a big deal. This is where the world champions, including the F1 champ, get their crowns. So, Max Verstappen will be there this year, picking up his world title.

Now, where’s the FIA Prize Giving 2024 going to be, you ask? This year, it’s Baku. Lewis Hamilton wasn’t thrilled about the whole F1 circus having to trek to Baku for a ceremony. He’s been wondering aloud if the FIA is really thinking about sustainability. And when he finds out where next year’s event is, he’s going to be flabbergasted.

Here’s the scoop: the FIA has announced that the 2024 FIA Prize Giving Ceremony will be in Rwanda. Yes, Rwanda. Baku at least hosts an F1 race, but Rwanda? Not so much. Why the FIA picked Rwanda, when they could’ve just as easily held the event at their Paris HQ, is anyone’s guess.

In other news, Berger’s been critical of Perez. He said, “Even a rookie wouldn’t make a mistake like that.” But that’s a story for another day.

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