FIA Monitors Red Bull Racing & AlphaTauri Closely

The FIA is closely monitoring Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri due to concerns from competitors about potential information sharing, but the FIA maintains that there is no such activity occurring.


‣ The FIA is monitoring Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri closely due to concerns of information sharing between the two teams, although the FIA insists that no such exchange is taking place.
‣ Formula 1 is making efforts to ensure fairness among all participants by implementing measures such as a budget cap and limiting the number of hours teams can spend in the wind tunnel and CFD for car development.
‣ There are suspicions that Red Bull may be benefiting from AlphaTauri’s extra wind tunnel time to test parts that Red Bull no longer needs to check.
‣ The FIA is confident that there is no current information exchange between Red Bull and AlphaTauri, and that all teams, including those working closely together, must prove their own research on parts to ensure no illegal practices are taking place.

The FIA is keeping a close eye on Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri. There’s a fear among competitors that the two teams might be sharing information.

However, the FIA is adamant that this isn’t happening. They’re confident that no such information exchange is taking place.

Meanwhile, Formula 1 is working hard to level the playing field for all participants. They’ve introduced a budget cap, for instance. Teams are also limited in the number of hours they can spend in the wind tunnel and CFD to develop their cars.

Interestingly, the top teams get less time for this than the lower-ranked teams. But, there seem to be loopholes in this system. It’s not perfect.

The collaboration between Red Bull and AlphaTauri has raised eyebrows. Red Bull, as champions, have limited wind tunnel time. But, competitors believe they could be benefiting from AlphaTauri’s extra wind tunnel time.

AlphaTauri can test parts that Red Bull no longer needs to check. This has caused some concern.

Now, why is Red Bull being checked extra? Nikolas Tombazis, the FIA president of the Single-Seaters, explained this to “We check teams that are in close proximity to each other a lot more closely than we check completely independent teams,” he said.

Red Bull is under scrutiny in this regard, as are other teams working together. Haas and Ferrari are examples of this.

The FIA, however, remains confident. They believe there’s no information exchange happening between the two parties at the moment. They point out that AlphaTauri has aerodynamically different solutions to problems than Red Bull Racing.

Moreover, teams have to show how they get certain parts. Red Bull has to do their own research on parts to prove that they got that information themselves. If they delivered a part not tested in their wind tunnel, it would immediately raise questions.

The FIA admits it’s not easy to test all parts. But, they believe there are no illegal practices at Red Bull or the other collaborations at the moment. They’re keeping a close watch, though.

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