FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem Hospitalised Following Fall

Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the President of the motorsport federation, has been hospitalized after suffering a fall and concussion, but it is unclear if he will attend the FIA Prize Giving Gala.


‣ Mohammed Ben Sulayem, President of the FIA, has suffered a fall and concussion and has been taken to hospital.
‣ The FIA has announced that Ben Sulayem will make a full recovery.
‣ It is unclear whether Ben Sulayem will attend the FIA Prize Giving Gala.
‣ The FIA has recently been in the news due to an investigation into Toto and Susie Wolff, which has since been dropped.

Mohammed Ben Sulayem has been a hot topic in the motorsport realm recently. Oddly enough, he seems to have vanished from the FIA Prize Giving Gala.

A few days back, he took a tumble and ended up with a concussion. The FIA spokesperson let us know that Ben Sulayem was whisked off to the hospital.

The motorsport federation made an official announcement. They said, “Our President, Mohammed Ben Sulayem, fell ill a few days ago. He had a fall and a concussion. He’s been taken care of in the hospital and he’s on his way to a full recovery.”

There’s a bit of a mystery surrounding the FIA gala. The FIA hasn’t said a peep about whether Ben Sulayem will be a no-show at the prize-giving ceremony in Baku. It’s happening later today, by the way.

The FIA has been making headlines lately. Not just because of Ben Sulayem, but also due to the investigation into Toto and Susie Wolff. But hey, that investigation’s already been dropped. So, there’s that.

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