FIA Technical Director Moves from Motorsport Federation to F1 Team

For the third time recently, a leading figure is leaving the FIA, reportedly due to chairman Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s ‘hostile behaviour’ towards Formula One Management, with technical director Tim Goss being the latest to depart.


‣ A leading figure from the FIA, Tim Goss, is leaving the organisation reportedly due to chairman Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s ‘hostile behaviour’ towards Formula One Management.
‣ Goss’s departure follows that of Steve Nielsen, with both expressing frustrations over the FIA’s internal processes and the handling of Formula 1.
‣ Tom Malyon, a former Formula E worker, has been announced as Nielsen’s successor, but it is still unknown who will replace Goss.
‣ The BBC reports that Goss is likely to join a Formula 1 team, though it is not yet known which one.

FIA’s headquarters is buzzing with activity. Again. A top dog is exiting the organization for the third time in a short span. The reason? Apparently, he’s had enough of chairman Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s ‘hostile behaviour’ towards Formula One Management.

Italian news outlet Corriere Della Serra broke the news a month back. They reported that Steve Nielsen (sporting director), Nick Tombazis (director of single-seaters), and Tim Goss (technical director) were on the brink of leaving the motorsport federation. Nielsen was the first to jump ship. Now, Goss has also decided to pack his bags.

Unhappy with FIA’s policies?

Goss released a statement on Monday via the motorsport federation. He said, “I believe the organisation is on a firm footing in terms of technical expertise for the tasks which lie ahead – particularly the introduction of the 2026 regulations.” He didn’t mention any frustrations with the FIA’s internal processes or how Formula 1 was managed. But the grapevine suggests that both Goss and Nielsen were not too thrilled about the process of creating the new technical rules for F1 in 2026.

Nielsen’s shoes have been filled. Tom Malyon is the new guy. He’s got experience with Formula E, Sauber, and Red Bull Racing. But who’s going to replace Goss? That’s still a mystery. And let’s not forget Deborah Mayer. She was the final manager of the women’s branch within the FIA, and she hasn’t been replaced either.

Goss heading to Formula 1?

BBC suggests that Goss won’t be jobless for long. Rumour has it, he’s joining a Formula 1 team. Which one, you ask? Well, that’s still under wraps. Goss has previously held a managerial position at McLaren. But a restructuring forced him to leave.

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