First fight with Verstappen was a unique challenge for Norris

Lando Norris enjoyed a close duel with Max Verstappen at the Brazilian Grand Prix and is optimistic about McLaren’s ability to compete with Red Bull in the future.


– Lando Norris enjoyed racing against Max Verstappen at the Brazilian Grand Prix
– Norris showed serious race pace and briefly sat alongside Verstappen during the race
– Norris struggled to keep up with Verstappen at the end of the race due to issues with his tires
– Norris attempted to race past Verstappen, but struggled in certain areas and ultimately didn’t have enough speed to overtake him

Lando Norris has stated that he enjoyed the duel between himself and Max Verstappen on the track at the Brazilian Grand Prix. He said that although he attempted to overtake the Dutchman, he just didn’t have enough to get past him, but that this didn’t dampen his spirits. After the sprint race on Saturday, it was already clear that Norris possessed serious race pace, and that despite coming in second, he kept a limited gap between himself and Verstappen for a long time. Norris said, “Similar to what we saw in the sprint. I’m not far behind for the first 10, 15, 17 laps, but then that final phase, I just dropped off a bit too much.”
Norris expressed that they have struggled particularly in Turn 10 and Turn 12 against Red Bull, but that he managed to use his new tires to try to overtake Verstappen, despite not succeeding. He also said, “The opportunity to race against Max is only going to be for a few laps. It’s not like we would suddenly find the pace to fight with him for the whole race.” Norris doubts whether overtaking Verstappen would have made sense anyway, as it would have been a whole new challenge to try to keep him behind for the rest of the race. He concluded by expressing, “That last little thing needs to click and then we can do it more often.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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