Fittipaldi Family Faces Tragedy: Suffocation & Resuscitation Incident

Former F1 driver Wilson Fittipaldi Jr. is in hospital after choking on a piece of meat during Christmas dinner and suffering a cardiac arrest, according to his wife’s Instagram post.


‣ Former F1 driver Wilson Fittipaldi Jr. suffered a cardiac arrest after choking during a Christmas dinner and has been hospitalized since.
‣ Fittipaldi Jr. competed in the Formula 1 championship from 1972 to 1975 and later founded a team with his brother.
‣ The Fittipaldi family has received a lot of support following the incident, with many sending messages of health and recovery for Wilson.
‣ Wilson’s wife confirmed the incident on Instagram, stating that he is currently sedated and intubated, and they are waiting for him to wake up.

Ex-F1 racer, Wilson Fittipaldi Jr., had a bit of a scare during a Christmas dinner. He choked, ended up in the hospital. The twist? He suffered a cardiac arrest in the process. His wife spilled the beans on Instagram.

Wilson Fittipaldi Jr. isn’t just any driver. He raced in the Formula 1 championship from ’72 to ’75. After that, he and his brother started a team. His wife shared the heart attack details on Instagram. “Christmas lunch, Wilson chokes on a piece of meat. Cardiac arrest follows. He’s resuscitated, sedated, intubated. We’re waiting for him to wake up.”

Support? It’s pouring in.

The Fittipaldi family’s going through a tough time. But they’re not alone. “Yesterday, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing. Sweet messages of support for the family kept coming. Christian [Fittipaldi, Wilson’s son.] is with us every day. The messages? They’re giving us strength in this difficult time. So, keep those positive vibes of health and recovery for Wilson coming, please.”

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