Flashback: The 2022 Brazilian GP – F1’s Worst One-Two Finish

George Russell‘s victory in the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix was a significant moment for Mercedes, as it marked their first win of the season and sparked speculation about their future concept, which ultimately turned out to be a wrong decision in the following year’s championship.


‣ Mercedes finally got a win on the board after months of trying to develop their concept.
‣ George Russell admitted that Mercedes’ victory in Brazil put them on the “wrong track” for the 2023 season.
‣ Hamilton and Verstappen collided on lap seven, with Verstappen being penalized and his chances of winning the race ended.
‣ Alpine came out on top in their battle with McLaren in the World Championship.

Title: Mercedes Triumphs at the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix: A Turning Point?

The 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix marked a momentous occasion for Mercedes as George Russell secured his first F1 victory while Lewis Hamilton claimed second place. However, this one-two finish also highlighted the significance of this win for Mercedes, as it served as a long-awaited breakthrough for the team. Despite this success, it would later be revealed that their concept for the 2023 season may not have been the right decision. In this blog post, we delve into the details of this eventful race and explore its implications for Mercedes.

George Russell’s Historic Victory:
George Russell’s triumph at the Brazilian Grand Prix was a remarkable achievement, not only for the young driver but also for the Mercedes team. Starting from pole position, Russell showcased his skills by navigating pitstops and safety car restarts to secure his first-ever Formula 1 win. Lewis Hamilton, who had a collision with Max Verstappen, fought his way back through the field and sealed second place, making it a memorable one-two finish for Mercedes.

Unfortunate Rivalry Renewed:
Hamilton and Verstappen’s intense rivalry took a dramatic turn during this race. On lap seven, they collided, resulting in Hamilton being marginally ahead and Verstappen receiving a five-second penalty. The crash ended Verstappen’s chances of victory, while Hamilton’s hopes of a one-stop strategy were shattered. Despite these obstacles, Hamilton impressively fought his way back to secure third place, further intensifying their head-to-head competition.

Mercedes’ Concept and Future Decisions:
Following their success in Brazil, Mercedes’ concept for the 2023 season seemed promising. However, George Russell admitted after just one Grand Prix that their victory had put them on the “wrong track.” Speculations circulated about the team converging towards Red Bull’s concept, raising questions about the wisdom of their decision for the upcoming season.

Implications for the World Championship:
While Russell had hopes of contending for the World Championship, Mercedes’ struggles with their car’s performance hindered his ambitions. Nonetheless, the team’s relentless efforts and continuous updates throughout the season gave them a glimmer of hope. The victory in Brazil provided a much-needed boost and demonstrated the team’s ability to compete at the highest level.

The 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix proved to be a turning point for Mercedes, as George Russell’s win highlighted the potential of their concept. However, subsequent events and admissions from key team members pointed towards a shift in their strategy. Only time will tell whether their decision ultimately paid off or if it led them down the wrong path. As the F1 fans eagerly await the next season, the Brazilian Grand Prix will be remembered as a significant milestone for both Mercedes and George Russell’s promising career.

Original quote:
“The victory in Brazil put us on the wrong track.” – George Russell

Original quote:
“The stewards determined that Hamilton had the corner.” – F1 report

Original quote:
“This win is a testament to the team’s dedication and hard work.” – Mercedes spokesperson

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