Ford Criticizes Red Bull Over Unsatisfactory Response in Horner Case

Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, has expressed dissatisfaction with Red Bull Racing’s handling of allegations of inappropriate behavior by team leadership, including Christian Horner, urging a quick resolution and emphasizing the importance of shared values between the partners.


‣ Ford’s CEO, Jim Farley, has expressed significant concern to Red Bull Racing regarding unresolved allegations of inappropriate behavior by the team’s leadership, specifically involving Christian Horner.

‣ Farley’s letter to Red Bull highlights the urgency for a resolution on the matter, emphasizing that Ford’s values are non-negotiable and insisting on a commitment to those values from their racing partners.

‣ The allegations against Horner have evolved from an initial description of an “aggressive management style” to include reports of sexual misconduct.

‣ Despite the serious nature of the allegations and Ford’s demand for action, it remains unclear how Red Bull and Red Bull Racing will respond, with no decision yet on Horner’s future with the team.

Ford’s got beef with Red Bull Racing, and it’s not looking pretty. Word on the street, or rather, from a letter leaked to AP, is that Ford’s big boss isn’t thrilled with the Austrian team. That’s putting it mildly.

Jim Farley, the head honcho at Ford, penned a fiery letter last Friday. He’s demanding answers about Christian Horner, the Red Bull team leader accused of crossing lines he shouldn’t have. A female employee’s at the heart of this storm.

Ford’s CEO didn’t mince words in his letter. He’s fed up with the “unresolved allegations of inappropriate behavior” at the top of Red Bull Racing. Farley’s been counting the days, 11 to be exact, since Ford first raised an eyebrow and asked for the scoop on the investigation Red Bull’s parent company kicked off on February 5th.

### Ford wants answers from Red Bull

Now, Farley’s letter gets juicier. Initially, Red Bull’s brass tried to brush things off, talking up Horner’s “aggressive management style.” But whispers of something darker, sexual misconduct, have started to surface. Farley’s message to the Austrians was crystal clear: Ford’s not playing games. Their values are set in stone, and they’re not up for negotiation.

Farley’s laying down the law, insisting that their racing partners gotta walk the talk when it comes to shared values. He’s all, “Call me, maybe?” hoping for a chit-chat to sort this mess out. He’s clinging to hope for a resolution that doesn’t leave anyone with a bad taste in their mouth.

As for Red Bull’s comeback to Farley’s fiery letter? Crickets. Nada. Zip. The Austrians are keeping their cards close to their chest, not letting on whether Horner’s going to stick around. Meanwhile, Horner was spotted hanging with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez at the winter test in Bahrain, business as usual.

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