Ford Warns Red Bull: High Standards of Behavior Expected

Ford has released a statement regarding the ongoing independent investigation into Christian Horner, emphasizing their high standards and expectations for partners, amidst allegations of inappropriate behavior by Horner, with Ford awaiting the investigation’s outcome while continuing their future collaboration with Red Bull Racing as their engine supplier from 2026.


– ‣ Ford released a statement regarding the ongoing independent investigation into Christian Horner, emphasizing the company’s high values and expectations from partners.
– ‣ An internal independent investigation into Christian Horner, the team boss of Red Bull Racing, has been ongoing for several weeks, sparked by allegations from a female colleague related to sexually oriented messages.
– ‣ Ford, set to be Red Bull Racing’s engine supplier from 2026, expressed concern over the investigation’s impact on sponsorships and future collaborations, highlighting the importance of integrity and behavior standards.
– ‣ Despite the investigation, Christian Horner remains active in his role at Red Bull Racing, with no conclusions drawn yet from the investigation.

On a seemingly ordinary Friday, Ford dropped a bombshell. They released a statement that caught everyone off guard. It was about Christian Horner and an ongoing investigation. Ford made it clear: they’re all about high standards. And they expect nothing less from their partners.

Now, let’s rewind a bit. Thursday seemed like any other day at Red Bull Racing. They unveiled the RB20, and everything appeared smooth. But, oh, how appearances can be deceiving. Behind the scenes, a storm was brewing. An internal investigation into Christian Horner, the big boss at the team, had been quietly unfolding for weeks.

After a marathon eight-hour chat with a lawyer, they were still at square one. No conclusions. According to De Telegraaf, a female colleague at Red Bull Racing had raised allegations. It was about sexually oriented messages sent by Horner.

### Statement from Ford

Fast forward to 2026, and Ford is set to power the racing team’s engines. An investigation like this? Yeah, it’s a big deal. It’s the kind of thing that keeps sponsors up at night, worrying about future collaborations. Ford had something to say about it all on

“As a family company, and a company that holds itself to very high standards of behavior and integrity, we do expect the same from our partners. It appears to us, and what we’ve been told, was that Red Bull is taking the situation very seriously. And of course, they’re worried about their brand, as well. And that’s why they’ve got an independent investigation and until we see what truth comes out of that, it’s too early for us to comment on it all,” said Mark Rushbrook, head honcho at Ford Motorsport.

So, like everyone else glued to the world of Formula 1, Ford is on pins and needles. They’re waiting for the investigation to wrap up. When will we have clarity? That’s the million-dollar question. For now, Horner is still in the game, still playing his role.

It’s a tangled web, folks. And we’re all watching, waiting to see how it’ll unravel.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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