Formula 1 Awaits Decision on Horner’s Future

Red Bull Racing is conducting an internal investigation into team boss Christian Horner’s alleged inappropriate behavior, with a decision on his future expected next week, amidst preparations for the launch of their new car, the RB20, for the upcoming Formula 1 season.


‣ The internal investigation at Red Bull continues, focusing on team boss Christian Horner’s alleged inappropriate behaviour, with an independent lawyer set to question him.

‣ Red Bull Racing plans to unveil the RB20 on 15 February, aiming for a focus on the sporting aspects and hoping the controversy surrounding Horner does not overshadow the event.

‣ A decision on Horner’s future with Red Bull is expected next week, with immediate action possible only if Horner admits to the allegations or resigns during his questioning.

‣ Horner is accused of behaving in an “extremely authoritarian” manner towards a Red Bull Racing employee, prompting the parent organisation in Austria to take the allegations seriously and initiate an investigation.

The Formula 1 world’s been on the edge of its seat, you know? Everyone’s buzzing about Christian Horner’s fate. It’s like, Red Bull’s got this internal investigation going on. And this Friday, it’s showtime. An independent lawyer’s gonna grill the British team boss on some pretty dicey accusations of inappropriate behavior. It’s all hanging on what Horner says and the evidence that comes out. Red Bull’s gotta figure out if he’s sticking around.

So, there’s this car, right? The RB20. Red Bull Racing’s dropping it on 15 February. Max Verstappen‘s eyeing it like a hawk, thinking about snagging his fourth World Championship in a row. And Sergio Perez? He’s in the mix, gunning for the title too. The Austrian squad’s really hoping to keep the focus on the sport. They’re crossing their fingers that Horner’s drama doesn’t steal the spotlight. They’re itching for some clarity on his situation before the big reveal.

So, what’s the deal with Horner?

The Daily Mail’s been chatting, saying don’t hold your breath for a clear answer on Friday. Looks like we’re waiting till next week for any real news. If Horner fesses up to going too far this Friday or decides to bow out, then maybe, just maybe, we’ll hear something straight from Austria’s HQ.

At the week’s start, whispers started swirling. Horner? Apparently, he’s been less than stellar with a Red Bull Racing employee. Word on the street is he’s been “extremely authoritarian.” Not a good look. Red Bull’s bigwigs in Austria are taking this super seriously. They’ve kicked off this investigation, and Horner’s in the hot seat over in London.

So, yeah. That’s the scoop. Everyone’s watching, waiting. What’s gonna happen to Horner? Only time will tell.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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