Formula 1 Driver Closest to Suspension Due to Penalty Points

In 2023, Pierre Gasly was at risk of suspension due to accumulating penalty points in Formula 1, and as the 2024 season approaches, Sergio Perez has the most penalty points at seven, followed by Logan Sargeant with six, Lance Stroll with five, and Lewis Hamilton and George Russell with four each.


‣ In Formula 1, a driver must sit out one Grand Prix if they accumulate 12 penalty points within a 12-month period.
‣ As of 2024, Sergio Perez has the most penalty points with seven, making him the driver most at risk of suspension.
‣ Red Bull Racing’s drivers have the most combined penalty points of any team, with a total of nine.
‣ Rookie driver Logan Sargeant has more penalty points than championship points, with a total of six.

Pierre Gasly was in a tight spot back in 2023. A single penalty would’ve tipped him over the edge, leading to a suspension. Why? Well, in the world of Formula 1, if a driver racks up 12 penalty points within a year, they’re benched for a Grand Prix. The good news? Each penalty point expires after exactly a year.

Now, as we gear up for the 2024 season, let’s take a peek at the penalty points each driver has. Who’s on thin ice? That’d be Sergio Perez. The Mexican driver is sitting on seven penalty points. His offenses? Colliding with Albon in Singapore, overtaking Alonso, and causing collisions with Magnussen in Japan and Norris in Abu Dhabi.

Red Bull Racing’s drivers, including Max Verstappen with his two points, have a total of nine penalties. That’s the highest for any team.

Then there’s Logan Sargeant. In his debut season, he managed to earn more penalty points than championship points. He ended the year with a single championship point, but six penalty points. That’s two more than Lewis Hamilton and George Russell each have. Lance Stroll? He’s got five.

So, just how many penalty points does each F1 driver have on their licence? Let’s dive in.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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