Formula 1 Teams Reflect on Niki Lauda’s Legendary Legacy

Formula 1 teams Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren commemorated the legendary driver Niki Lauda on what would have been his 75th birthday, remembering his iconic legacy in the sport.


‣ Niki Lauda is remembered as one of the most legendary drivers in Formula 1 history, with his legacy being commemorated by teams like Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren.

‣ Lauda would have celebrated his 75th birthday on 22 February, but he passed away on 20 May 2019, prompting the F1 world to pause and remember his contributions both on and off the track.

‣ The Formula 1 community, including major teams and fans, uses social media platforms to honor Lauda’s memory, showcasing the enduring impact of his legacy in the sport.

Oh, Niki Lauda. The man was a legend, wasn’t he? If you’re into Formula 1, you know exactly what I’m talking about. He would’ve been 75 this February 22. But fate had other plans, and we lost him back in May 2019. It’s a loss that still stings for many, especially the big names like Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren. They’ve all been pretty vocal about remembering him.

Now, let’s take a moment. The F1 world just hit the pause button, you know? It’s all to remember Lauda. McLaren dropped a heartfelt note on X (that’s the new Twitter, by the way). They called him a top talent, both on and off the track. And his legacy? Legendary, they said. Couldn’t agree more.

Ferrari chimed in too. “Remembering Niki on his birthday,” they posted. Simple, but it hits right in the feels. Mercedes wasn’t about to be left out. They’re dwelling on the memory of Lauda as well. Each team shared these touching tributes with pictures on X. It’s a digital moment of silence, almost.

You’ve got to see these posts. They’re a reminder of what Lauda meant to the sport. Each tweet, each picture, it’s like a piece of history. And on what would’ve been his 75th birthday, it’s a powerful reminder of the legacy he’s left behind. A supreme talent, indeed.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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