Formula E Chief Bets £250,000 on Verstappen Not Winning F1 Championship

Max Verstappen is the clear favorite to win the Formula 1 world title again in 2024, and Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds has pledged to donate a quarter of a million dollars to charity if Verstappen does not secure his fourth consecutive championship.


‣ Max Verstappen is the clear favourite for the Formula 1 world title in the upcoming season, with expectations high for him to win his fourth consecutive championship.

‣ Betting on Verstappen to win the title may not offer high returns due to his strong odds, suggesting an alternative betting strategy could be on him not securing the championship.

‣ Jeff Dodds, CEO of Formula E, has expressed confidence in Verstappen’s victory but has pledged to donate a quarter of a million dollars to charity if another driver wins the championship.

‣ The donation pledge by Dodds highlights both his confidence in Verstappen’s abilities and a commitment to philanthropy, with the charity chosen by the winning driver other than Verstappen to benefit.

The season’s just kicked off, and wow, Max Verstappen’s already leaving everyone in the dust. It’s 2024, and guess who’s the hot favorite for the Formula 1 crown? Yep, the Dutch speedster himself. But, let’s be real, putting your cash on Verstappen at the bookies? Not gonna make you a millionaire.

Now, here’s a twist. What if – and it’s a big if – Verstappen doesn’t clinch the title? That’s where things get interesting, money-wise.

Enter Jeff Dodds, the big boss over at Formula E. He’s pretty much betting his bottom dollar on Verstappen snagging his fourth consecutive World Championship. But, and it’s a juicy but, if Max doesn’t cross the finish line first? Dodds is gonna make it rain – for charity, that is. He spilled the beans to TNT, those folks who bring Formula E to our screens in the UK.

### A quarter of a million

Dodds laid it out pretty clear. If Verstappen doesn’t take home the trophy and any of the other 19 drivers does, he’s gonna donate a cool quarter of a million bucks to a charity chosen by the winning driver. Dodds seems pretty chill about the whole deal. He’s 99% sure he won’t be parting with his cash, seeing Verstappen as a surefire bet to win. “Wouldn’t be the worst day at the office, giving away a bunch of money to a good cause,” he quipped. But, deep down, he’s convinced. Verstappen’s got this season in the bag.

Albert Ramirez
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