Formula E Driver Collaborates with Unnamed F1 Team

Formula E driver Sacha Fenestraz will race for Nissan in the upcoming season, but is also working as a simulator driver for an undisclosed Formula 1 team, while prioritizing his commitments to Nissan in case of scheduling conflicts.


‣ Sacha Fenestraz, a Formula E driver, will drive for Nissan in the upcoming season and is also working with a Formula 1 team as a simulator driver.
‣ Fenestraz has signed the papers for the super licence but has not revealed the name of the F1 team he is working with.
‣ The driver expressed his dream to work in the world of F1 and hinted at the possibility of sitting in an F1 car soon.
‣ Despite his aspirations in F1, Fenestraz remains committed to his role in Formula E, prioritizing Nissan when date conflicts arise with the F1 simulator.

Sacha Fenestraz, a Formula E driver, is set to hit the track for Nissan in the upcoming FE season. However, this Argentine-French driver isn’t just twiddling his thumbs in the meantime. He’s got his hands full with a Formula 1 team, he spills the beans.

At 24, Fenestraz ended up in the 16th spot in the Formula E championship in the 2022/2023 season. Not too shabby, right? But there’s more to his story.

Fenestraz has been moonlighting as a simulator driver for a Formula 1 team for the past six months. Mysterious, huh? He’s keeping mum about the team’s identity, though. “I can’t spill the beans on who I’m working with. But yeah, I’m doing simulator work for an F1 team and I’ve got my super license papers signed and sealed,” Fenestraz let slip during a chat with Argentine media outlet Corazon de F1.

So, will we see Fenestraz in an F1 car anytime soon? “Working in F1? It’s a dream come true for me. I haven’t gotten behind the wheel yet, but it might be in the cards,” the Argentine hinted. The decision on whether he’ll be in an official test or a rookie FP1 is up in the air.

Even though he’s got his sights set on the top tier of motorsport, Fenestraz isn’t about to abandon his FE roots. He’s sticking with his constructor in Formula E. Loyalty, eh?

“When there’s a clash between my F1 simulator dates and Nissan, Nissan takes the cake. I’ve always dreamed of competing in a world championship and that’s my top priority,” he clarified. The new Formula E season is just around the corner, kicking off in a month with the Grand Prix in Mexico.

So, stay tuned for more updates.

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