FW46 Unveiling in a Major Global City

Williams and Stake F1 Team will unveil their new car, the FW46, in New York on 5 February, with Williams’ CTO Pat Fry expressing confidence in the team’s progress and commitment to improving on their seventh place finish in the constructors’ championship last season.


‣ Williams and Stake F1 Team will unveil their new car on 5 February, with the public display taking place in New York due to the team’s ownership by Dorilton Capital, which has offices in the city.
‣ The Americanisation of Formula 1 has led to an increase in US sponsors, with teams like Red Bull and AlphaTauri holding their car presentations in the United States.
‣ Williams is entering the 2024 season with the same drivers, Alexander Albon and Logan Sargeant, who helped the team achieve seventh place in the constructors’ championship last season.
‣ Pat Fry, CTO of Williams, expressed confidence in the team’s progress and commitment to improvement, despite acknowledging the significant amount of work and development needed.

So, Williams and Stake F1 Team are set to reveal their new car on February 5th. And guess where? The FW46 will make its first public appearance, and it’s now confirmed.

Formula 1 is getting a taste of America, with a surge of US sponsors entering the scene. Last year, Red Bull and AlphaTauri, its sister team, launched their cars in the US. Interesting, huh?

Now, who owns Williams? It’s Dorilton Capital, an investment firm with offices in New York and other places. So, it’s no surprise that the Big Apple is where the team will pull the covers off their new car.

Williams is on the move

2024 sees Williams sticking with their drivers from the previous season. Alexander Albon and Logan Sargeant are back in the saddle, aiming to improve on their seventh-place finish in the constructors’ championship.

Pat Fry, CTO of Williams, is optimistic about the team’s prospects. He reckons they’ve got the momentum to make some real progress next year. “I think it is a team that’s moving forward, to be honest. There’s no point hiding behind the fact we’ve got a mountain of work to do, and things to develop. But I think people will see that there’s a commitment there, and they’ll say that commitment has to start right from the very top, which we have. And people will see us moving forward,” Fry told GPblog and others.

So, there you have it. Williams is all set to make some noise in the coming year. Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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