Haas Ex-Boss Steiner Gives Advice to Wolff, Mercedes on Hamilton Replacement

Toto Wolff, CEO of Mercedes F1, is considering Max Verstappen as a potential replacement for Lewis Hamilton, who is moving to Ferrari in 2025, but is also advised to consider Nico Hulkenberg from Haas if Verstappen stays with Red Bull.


‣ A decision on who will partner George Russell at Mercedes in 2025 is not imminent, with Toto Wolff, the CEO and team boss of Mercedes F1, currently observing the situation at Red Bull Racing and showing interest in Max Verstappen as a potential replacement for Lewis Hamilton.

‣ Max Verstappen is considered the “perfect candidate” for Mercedes by Guenther Steiner, but if Verstappen stays with Red Bull, Steiner suggests that Mercedes should consider Nico Hulkenberg from Haas as an alternative.

‣ Despite Nico Hulkenberg’s age (36) and the fact that he has never finished on the podium in his F1 career, Guenther Steiner recommends him as a viable option for Mercedes, highlighting Hulkenberg’s performance in securing his first point of the season in Saudi Arabia as evidence of his capability.

Don’t hold your breath for a quick pick on who’s snagging the seat next to George Russell at Mercedes for the 2025 season. Toto Wolff, the big boss at Mercedes F1, has his eyes peeled on the drama over at Red Bull Racing. You see, Wolff’s got a bit of a dream. He’s itching to swipe Max Verstappen right from under Red Bull’s nose, especially with Lewis Hamilton taking his talents to Ferrari. If Red Bull’s garage starts looking like a soap opera, Verstappen could very well be wearing Mercedes silver.

Now, here’s where it gets spicy. Guenther Steiner, with a twinkle in his eye, calls Verstappen “the perfect candidate” for Mercedes. But, and it’s a big but, if Verstappen decides he’s not ready to jump ship, Wolff’s got another card up his sleeve. Steiner, in a chat with RTL, hinted that Wolff should maybe, just maybe, give Haas a once-over. The driver in question? Nico Hulkenberg.

### Hulkenberg would be a striking choice

At first glance, Hulkenberg joining Mercedes? That’s a head-scratcher. The guy’s 36, hasn’t tasted champagne on the podium, and has a record 206 Grands Prix under his belt without a top-three finish. Yet, Steiner, putting himself in Wolff’s shoes, wouldn’t brush off the idea of Hulkenberg. “If I were calling the shots at Mercedes, I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to Nico Hulkenberg,” he mused.

Just last weekend, in the heat of Saudi Arabia, Hulkenberg did something that made folks sit up a little straighter. Racing for Haas in Jeddah, he snagged his first point of the season, crossing the line in 10th. “Clever,” is how Steiner described his performance. And maybe, just maybe, that cleverness is exactly what Mercedes could be looking for.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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