Hakkinen on Verstappen’s Rival: Expect Victory Soon

Max Verstappen is leading in the Mexican Grand Prix and Mika Hakkinen predicts that he will not let his teammate Sergio Perez take the win easily, while Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris are also mentioned as strong contenders.


‣ Max Verstappen has already won 15 victories this season
‣ Mika Hakkinen predicts that Verstappen will not gift the win to his teammate Sergio Perez at the Mexican Grand Prix
‣ Hakkinen praises Lewis Hamilton’s recent performance and believes Lando Norris is waiting for an opportunity
‣ Hamilton and George Russell are battling for the second spot in the constructors’ championship, currently 22 points behind Ferrari

As the Mexican Grand Prix approaches, all eyes are on Max Verstappen and his chances of winning yet another race this season. With an impressive 15 victories under his belt so far, Verstappen is a force to be reckoned with. In fact, he has already topped the charts in the first two free practice sessions. Two-time F1 champion Mika Hakkinen weighed in on Verstappen’s performance and shared his prediction for the upcoming race.

In an exclusive preview at Unibet, Hakkinen stated, “It would be fantastic to see Sergio Perez take a win in front of his amazing home fans but World Champion Max Verstappen is not going to gift it to his teammate. If Sergio can find the pace in qualifying, he will give it everything to score his third win of the season.” This implies that Verstappen will not make it easy for Perez to claim victory on home turf.

Hakkinen also touched on the performances of Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris. Despite a slightly shaky start to the season, Hamilton has showcased his strength in recent races. “Lewis was very strong in Austin last weekend, the win even looked possible, while Lando is just waiting for the opportunity. It will come soon,” Hakkinen revealed. This suggests that both drivers have the potential to make their mark in the coming races.

The battle for the second spot in the constructors’ championship is heating up, with Hamilton and his teammate George Russell taking on Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc. Currently, the Hamilton-Russell duo holds a 22-point advantage over their rivals. A 25-point win at the Mexican Grand Prix would undoubtedly benefit Hamilton in his quest to secure the runner-up position.

In other news, Red Bull is facing some challenges, according to team advisor Helmut Marko. He revealed, “The front tyres completely gave way.” This highlights a problem that the team will have to address in order to maintain their competitive edge.

As the Mexican Grand Prix approaches, excitement and anticipation fill the air. With Verstappen leading the pack, Hamilton and Norris waiting for their moment, and the constructors’ championship battle intensifying, fans can expect a thrilling race weekend filled with intense battles and unpredictable outcomes.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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