Hakkinen Reveals Preference Between Verstappen & Hamilton as Teammate

Former Formula 1 driver Mika Hakkinen, when asked by David Coulthard, chose Lewis Hamilton over Max Verstappen as his preferred teammate due to Hamilton’s extensive experience and team player qualities.


‣ Mika Hakkinen was asked by David Coulthard to choose between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton as a potential teammate.
‣ Hakkinen emphasized the importance of teamwork in Formula 1, stating that a good teammate needs to work well with mechanics, engineers, designers, marketing, and media.
‣ Hakkinen ultimately chose Lewis Hamilton, citing his extensive experience and speed as key factors.
‣ While acknowledging Verstappen’s speed, Hakkinen felt that Hamilton would be a better fit for long-term team success.

Who hasn’t been asked this in the Formula 1 world? Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton? This time, it’s David Coulthard’s turn. He’s got his old teammate, Mika Hakkinen, in the hot seat. The question? Which of the two world champs would he want as a teammate?

Verstappen or Hamilton? Hakkinen’s Pick

Coulthard throws the question at Hakkinen. They were teammates at McLaren for seven years. Who would Hakkinen have wanted by his side at his career’s peak? Verstappen or Hamilton? Hakkinen’s response? “To get the success for yourself and for the team and for your teammate, you need teamwork,” he said.

Hakkinen didn’t stop there. “You gotta look beyond just the driver’s ability. How fast are they? How technically skilled? But also, who’s the best team player? Who can work with mechanics, engineers, designers, marketing, media? You need this package from your teammate for creating a success for the team.”

It’s a tough call. But the 55-year-old Finn has his answer. “If I had to pick now, I’d probably go with Lewis. He’s got a ton of experience in all aspects. I’d learn a lot from him. Plus, he’s super quick. I think he’d be a fascinating teammate,” Hakkinen admitted.

“But what about Max?” you might ask. “Max is quick, no doubt about it. But if I’m thinking long-term, for the team’s best chance, I don’t think he’d be a good fit with me. Maybe with other drivers, sure, but probably not with me,” said the two-time world champ.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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