Hamilton Admits Being Far Behind: In a Different Category

Lewis Hamilton expressed dissatisfaction with his car’s performance, particularly in high-speed corners, after finishing P9 at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, but remains hopeful for improvements with hard work and strategic changes.


‣ Lewis Hamilton expressed dissatisfaction with his car’s performance, particularly at high speeds, after finishing in P9 at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

‣ Hamilton highlighted the car’s good performance in low-speed corners but criticized its handling in high-speed situations, feeling significantly behind the competition.

‣ Despite the challenges, Hamilton remains hopeful and committed to working with his team at Mercedes to make significant improvements to the car’s performance.

‣ Hamilton and Lando Norris experimented with different strategies during the race, including not pitting under the Safety Car, in an effort to capitalize on any potential opportunities that might arise.

Lewis Hamilton crossed the finish line in P9 and, boy, was he not thrilled. The W15? It was like sitting on a cactus for him, especially with that tricky rear end. High-speed corners? Forget about it. He’s hoping for a miracle turnaround this season, though.

“I mean, it’s not all doom and gloom,” he mused post-race. At low speeds, the car’s pretty decent. Medium’s okay too. But high speed? It’s like I’m pedaling a tricycle among Ferraris,” Hamilton vented to Sky Sports after the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

Three years. That’s how long he’s felt stuck in this loop. Frustrating doesn’t even start to cover it. But Hamilton’s not one to throw in the towel. “Back to the drawing board,” he says. They’re planning to shake things up, big time.

He pointed out, “Maybe we’ve been too cautious with changes.” Looking at the teams zooming ahead, it’s clear they’ve missed a trick or two. “We’ve got ground to cover, that’s for sure.”

On the different strategy

Then there was the strategy gamble. Hamilton and Lando Norris played their cards differently during the Safety Car period. They were hoping for a twist of fate, something, anything, to shake up the race.

“It was a shot in the dark, trying something out of the box. Especially from where we were standing,” Hamilton reflected. He pushed hard, hoping for a break like a safety car intervention. Sadly, luck wasn’t on their side this time.

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