Hamilton Can Learn from Leclerc: Understanding the Disqualification

Charles Leclerc expresses surprise and disappointment after being disqualified from the United States Grand Prix due to a lower ride height, despite claiming that it did not provide any performance advantage.


‣ Charles Leclerc was surprised to be disqualified after the United States Grand Prix.
‣ Ferrari lost points in the United States Grand Prix due to a too low ride height.
‣ Leclerc didn’t benefit from the lower ride height and understands the disqualification.
‣ Competitors are surprised that Leclerc’s teammates were not checked for ride height compliance.

Charles Leclerc was left surprised and disappointed after being disqualified from the United States Grand Prix. The Ferrari driver, who already had a challenging race, went home without any points. Despite this setback, Leclerc maintained that he did not benefit from the lower ride height, which led to the disqualification.

Ferrari, like Mercedes, lost points at the Circuit of the Americas due to the chosen ride height being slightly too low for the plank under the floor. Both drivers’ planks had worn down excessively, resulting in the car being deemed illegal.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Leclerc said, “We did not expect that because on Friday we had no wear and very little on Saturday. We were confident that the race on Sunday would be fine. But when it comes to such small numbers, anything can make a difference. In the end, rules are rules, and we need to respect them.”

Leclerc’s response contrasted with Lewis Hamilton‘s reaction. While Hamilton argued that the disqualification was ridiculous and detrimental to the sport, Leclerc supported the FIA’s decision. He emphasized that the lower ride height did not provide any performance advantage, stating, “Trust me, this doesn’t give us any kind of performance because we are speaking about numbers that you can’t calculate. It’s just a shame because we go home from the weekend without any points apart from Saturday’s points.”

While Leclerc expressed frustration over the penalty, some competitors were surprised that his and George Russell‘s teammates were not checked for the same violation. Max Verstappen and Lando Norris both believed that the ride height between teammates would not differ significantly, therefore suggesting the likelihood of the same outcome. They argued that more cars should have been checked for compliance.

Overall, Leclerc’s disqualification highlights the importance of adhering to regulations in Formula 1. Although he accepted the penalty, he emphasized that it did not provide any performance advantage and expressed disappointment at leaving the weekend without points. The incident also sparked discussions about the need for more thorough checks on all cars to ensure fairness in the sport.

Albert Ramirez
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