Hamilton Correct in Criticising Red Bull’s Lack of Support for Perez

Johnny Herbert agrees with Lewis Hamilton‘s criticism that Red Bull Racing did not adequately support Sergio Perez during the 2023 F1 season, leading to a decline in Perez’s performance.


‣ Johnny Herbert agrees with Lewis Hamilton’s criticism of Red Bull Racing’s support for Sergio Perez.
‣ According to Herbert, Red Bull Racing did not provide enough support for Perez, especially when he was not performing well.
‣ Herbert believes that Hamilton’s comments about Perez are justified, given the high standards of F1 racing.
‣ Hamilton had previously criticized Perez, stating that he would perform better than Perez if they were in the same car.

Johnny Herbert and Lewis Hamilton are on the same page. Hamilton, a seven-time world champ, had a beef with Sergio Perez this season. Herbert, his fellow Brit, is backing him up.

Hamilton had a bone to pick with Perez earlier this year. He felt that Red Bull Racing hadn’t given Perez the support he needed to truly shine. Christian Horner, Red Bull’s big boss, thought Hamilton was just blowing smoke. Herbert, however, begs to differ.

Herbert’s Take on Hamilton’s Critique

“Red Bull’s criticism was pretty harsh, I remember,” Herbert told Express. “Perez’s performance improved towards the season’s end, and suddenly, they’re all for him. They should’ve had his back when he was struggling. I get why Lewis is upset. Perez is up against some of the greatest racers in F1 history. It’s a tough gig.”

Herbert feels Red Bull Racing didn’t exactly bend over backward to support Perez in 2023. Perez kicked off the season on a high note, but things went south when he started dreaming of a world title. Max Verstappen left him in the dust, and the errors started stacking up.

Hamilton’s remarks were a bit of a curveball. Not too long ago, he’d put Perez in his place, saying he’d be nipping at Verstappen’s heels if they were in the same car. Later, Hamilton even claimed he’d had better teammates than Verstappen. Go figure.

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