Hamilton Criticizes FIA Leaders, Calls Actions Unacceptable

Formula 1’s Toto Wolff and his wife Susie are involved in a legal battle with the FIA following an investigation into their integrity, which was dropped after two days, leading to criticism from Lewis Hamilton who defended the Wolffs and questioned the FIA’s actions and commitment to sustainability.


‣ The FIA had launched an investigation into the integrity of Toto Wolff (team boss Mercedes) and his wife (managing director F1 Academy), but dropped it two days later.
‣ Susie Wolff is still very angry about the course of events and Toto Wolff revealed that a legal battle is underway with the FIA.
‣ Lewis Hamilton criticized the FIA for hosting the annual FIA Prize Giving gala in Baku, questioning the federation’s commitment to sustainability.
‣ Hamilton also expressed his anger at the FIA’s actions towards the Wolffs, calling it unacceptable and criticizing the leadership within the FIA for hindering efforts to improve diversity and inclusion within the sport.

Winter break is here for Formula 1, yet the sport’s been under the microscope lately. The FIA launched an investigation into Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team boss, and his wife, the managing director of F1 Academy. This investigation was dropped after just two days.

However, this didn’t settle things. Susie Wolff is still fuming over the incident. Toto, on the other hand, has hinted at a legal battle with the FIA.

The Wolffs were absent from the annual FIA Prize Giving gala in Baku this Friday. Lewis Hamilton, however, was there. He spoke up for the Wolff family during a media interview, and didn’t hold back his criticism of the international motorsport federation’s actions.

Susie Wolff’s anger hasn’t subsided. She’s determined to find out who started all this.

Hamilton was surprised by the FIA’s decision to host the event in Baku. He questioned their commitment to sustainability, given the number of people who had to fly out for the event. He suggested that Paris, where the FIA is based, would have been a more sensible choice. Despite this, he acknowledged Baku’s beauty and the opportunity for everyone in the sport to come together and celebrate their achievements.

Hamilton then turned his attention to the controversy surrounding his team boss and his wife. He didn’t mince words. He expressed disappointment at the FIA’s decision to question the integrity of Susie Wolff, one of the sport’s most influential female leaders, without any evidence. He found their apology at the end unacceptable.

Hamilton acknowledged the many people in the sport doing great work to improve diversity and inclusion. However, he criticized certain individuals in the FIA’s leadership for trying to hinder progress. He stressed the need for change, saying that as a global sport, Formula 1 has a responsibility to be a leader in change. He ended by reiterating the need for everyone to push in the right direction.

Toto Wolff has responded to the situation, promising justice.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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