Hamilton Discusses Disappointing Bahrain Race Day: A Struggle

Lewis Hamilton expressed dissatisfaction with his seventh-place finish at the Bahrain International Circuit, attributing it to a struggle with the car’s performance and suggesting that better qualifying could have improved his position, despite feeling physically great and learning a lot about the car during the race.


‣ Lewis Hamilton expressed dissatisfaction with his seventh-place finish at the Bahrain International Circuit, noting his pace only allowed him to overtake Fernando Alonso and Oscar Piastri.

‣ Despite the disappointment, Hamilton felt physically great and credited his winter training, indicating a positive personal condition but a collective disappointment within his team.

‣ Hamilton acknowledged the struggle with his car’s performance during the race and suggested that better qualifying could have significantly improved his position, as he discovered more about the car’s capabilities in the last stint.

‣ When questioned about the performance gap to Red Bull, Hamilton confirmed it was larger than expected, indicating concerns about the competitive distance between his team and the leading team.

Lewis Hamilton crossed the finish line at the Bahrain International Circuit with mixed feelings. He clinched the seventh spot. During the race, he managed to zoom past Fernando Alonso and Oscar Piastri, but that was pretty much it.

“Feeling great, actually. Well, basically, top-notch because of the winter training,” Hamilton shared his initial thoughts with Sky Sports after the Bahrain Grand Prix. Yet, there was a hint of something else. “A tad disappointed, I guess. Haven’t bumped into anyone from the team yet, though.”

### How Hamilton could’ve improved in Bahrain

Diving into the nitty-gritty, the seven-time world champion reflected on his performance. “Struggle is the word. I pushed the car to its limits, but it felt like running in treacle compared to the others.” He pondered over what could have been. “A better qualifying position would’ve put me ahead, for sure. The last stint? That was something. Learned a ton about the W15 then.”

When the conversation steered towards Red Bull’s performance, Hamilton’s response was simple. A nod. That’s all he offered.

In essence, Hamilton’s day was a cocktail of effort, discovery, and a dash of what-ifs. Despite the high spirits from winter training, the race left him pondering on improvements and the undeniable gap to Red Bull.

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