Hamilton Emotional Over Leaving After One Dance at Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton, after an emotional 11 years with Mercedes and excited about his final season with them, announced his switch to Ferrari from 2025, marking a significant change in his career.


‣ Lewis Hamilton is set to leave Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025, marking a significant change in his career.

‣ Hamilton reflects on his emotional journey with Mercedes, highlighting his 11-year tenure with the team as he enters his 12th and final season.

‣ He expresses excitement for the upcoming season, particularly enjoying the development phase of the new car, the W15, from the drawing board to the track.

‣ Hamilton aims to focus on bringing the team back to its former leading position during the test days, acknowledging the past difficult years as a period of grounding and regrouping for the team.

Lewis Hamilton’s career seemed anchored in Mercedes. Yet, in a surprising off-season move, he’s eyeing Ferrari for 2025. Beyond a brief social media post, he’s kept quiet about this shift. That is, until the W15 launch.

At this event, emotions were high for Hamilton. “It’s been a surreal journey,” he admitted, reflecting on his time since 2013 with Mercedes. “Starting my 12th year, it’s a privilege to see the dedication of this team.”

### Hamilton excited about the upcoming season

Hamilton, ever passionate, shared his love for the developmental phase of racing. “Seeing the car come to life is thrilling,” he said. It’s a moment of unveiling, where the hard work under the hood becomes real for him and George, his teammate.

As test days loom, Hamilton’s determined to reclaim the team’s top form. “The past years have been tough but grounding,” he noted. With the W15 ready, he’s eager to hit the Silverstone circuit.

In essence, Hamilton’s career is taking an unexpected turn. Yet, his dedication to the sport and his team remains unwavering. As he prepares for a new chapter, the racing world watches with bated breath.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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