Hamilton Expresses Gratitude for Love-Filled Days

Lewis Hamilton expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received after announcing his surprising move to Ferrari from Mercedes, focusing on the 2024 Formula One season and receiving mixed reactions from the F1 community, including Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff.


‣ Lewis Hamilton expresses gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received after announcing his move to Ferrari, emphasizing the positive energy and anticipation for the 2024 Formula One season.

‣ Toto Wolff, Mercedes team boss, acknowledges the shock of Hamilton’s decision to join Ferrari, suggesting that Red Bull Racing would have been a better short-term choice but respects Hamilton’s long-term vision.

‣ Despite the surprise move, Wolff remains optimistic about Mercedes’ future in winning championships, though he recognizes that Hamilton, at 40, is looking for a new challenge and adventure with Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton’s feeling thankful. Really thankful. After the bombshell about his move to Ferrari dropped, the love hasn’t stopped pouring in. It’s like a warm hug from the F1 community. And boy, does he appreciate it.

“Gratitude overload,” he might say if we were chatting over coffee. But we’re not. So, he took to X (you know, the artist formerly known as Twitter) to share his vibes. “The past few days have been all love,” he penned. Or typed. Probably typed. “Thank you all. The energy and support mean everything. Can’t wait to start this season. 2024 is all us.”

Shockwaves. That’s what hit the F1 world. Imagine Toto Wolff’s face. Picture it. The Mercedes boss, probably sipping on something expensive, gets the news. Hamilton, his star driver, off to Ferrari. Wolff’s reaction? A mix of understanding and a hint of “Why now?” He reckons Red Bull would’ve been a smarter short-term play. But who’s to argue?

Long-term, though, Wolff’s betting on his team. Mercedes isn’t out of the championship game, not by a long shot. But Hamilton, at 40, is looking beyond. Ferrari’s his new home. A fresh chapter. And Wolff? He gets it, even if it stings a bit.

So, there you have it. Hamilton’s gearing up for a red future, leaving behind a legacy at Mercedes. It’s a move that’s got everyone talking. And tweeting, apparently. 2024’s shaping up to be one heck of a season. Can’t wait, right?

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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