Hamilton matches Verstappen in F1 Power Rankings

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton are tied for the top spot in the F1 Power Rankings with a score of 9.2 each, following their performance at the Mexican Grand Prix.


‣ Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton share the top spot in the F1 Power Rankings after the Mexican Grand Prix with a score of 9.2.
‣ Verstappen’s performance was praised for his relentless pursuit of excellence and his ability to secure victory despite Ferrari’s front row start.
‣ Hamilton received praise for his second-place finish after starting sixth in qualifying and his overtaking manoeuvre on Charles Leclerc.
‣ The top six drivers at the Mexico GP all scored above eight, showcasing their impressive performances.

The F1 Power Rankings have been released by F1.com after the thrilling Mexican Grand Prix. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton share the top spot with a score of 9.2 each. F1.com recognized Verstappen’s consistent pursuit of excellence, stating, “Another weekend means another milestone for Verstappen who continues to showcase his relentless pursuit of excellence…” Verstappen’s impressive performance dashed the hopes of a Ferrari victory by taking the lead early on.

Hamilton, despite starting in sixth place during qualifying, secured a remarkable second-place finish. F1.com commended Hamilton for his overtaking maneuver on Charles Leclerc and praised his use of the medium tyre for 37 laps. Hamilton’s score of 9.2 reflects his exceptional driving throughout the race, especially considering the struggles Mercedes faced in replicating their pace from Austin.

The top six drivers all received marks above eight for their impressive performances in the Mexican Grand Prix. Daniel Ricciardo earned a score of 8.8, showcasing his skills when he is comfortable in the car. Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris both secured an 8.6, finishing in third and fifth place, respectively. Alex Albon, with his ninth-place finish, received an 8.4, showing his ability to earn valuable points for his team, Williams FW45.

Here is the full top ten list from the F1 Power Rankings after the Mexican Grand Prix:

1. Max Verstappen – 9.2
2. Lewis Hamilton – 9.2
3. Daniel Ricciardo – 8.8
4. Charles Leclerc – 8.6
5. Lando Norris – 8.6
6. Alex Albon – 8.4

The F1 Power Rankings highlight the exceptional performances of the top drivers and offer insights into their strategies and achievements during the thrilling race in Mexico.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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