Hamilton Reacts Emotionally to Stunning Ferrari Announcement

Lewis Hamilton has announced his move from Mercedes to Ferrari in 2025, describing it as the hardest decision of his life, while expressing gratitude towards Mercedes and excitement for fulfilling a childhood dream of driving for Ferrari.


‣ Lewis Hamilton announces his move from Mercedes to Ferrari in 2025, marking a significant change in his Formula 1 career.

‣ Hamilton describes the decision to join Ferrari as the hardest of his career, highlighting his deep connection and achievements with Mercedes, including a record-breaking Driver-Team partnership.

‣ Despite the upcoming move, Hamilton remains committed to Mercedes for the current season, aiming to conclude his partnership with the team on a high note.

‣ The move to Ferrari is framed as fulfilling another childhood dream for Hamilton, indicating his personal and emotional investment in this new chapter of his career.

Lewis Hamilton just dropped a bombshell. Yep, you heard it right. He’s leaving Mercedes for Ferrari in 2025. And boy, did he pour his heart out about it.

### Hamilton’s Heartfelt Reveal
“Man, what a rollercoaster these past few days have been,” he shared on social media. Imagine, after 11 epic years with Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team, he’s flipping the script. “I’m off to join Scuderia Ferrari in 2025,” he announced. Feels surreal, doesn’t it?

He went on, “I’ve been blessed, truly. Achieving my wildest dreams with Mercedes and now? I get to chase another childhood fantasy. Racing in that iconic Ferrari red.”

### The Toughest Call
Hamilton admits, this decision? Hardest one he’s ever made. Mercedes wasn’t just a team; it was his world. “I owe so much to everyone there. Toto, you’ve been a rock. And Niki, I miss you every day,” he confessed. Together, they smashed records, clinched titles, and redefined success in F1.

### A New Chapter with Ferrari
Gratitude. That’s what Hamilton feels towards Mercedes. But, he’s ready for a fresh start. “Remember when I joined Mercedes in 2013? That leap into the unknown? That’s how I feel now. Excited, and ready to bring my all to Ferrari,” he shared.

Right now, though? 2025 isn’t his focus. “I’m all in with Mercedes for the upcoming season. More driven, fit, and focused than ever. I’m here to win,” he stated.

In a tweet, he summed it up: “Crazy days, full of emotions. But yes, it’s happening. I’m starting a new chapter with Scuderia Ferrari in 2025. Can’t wait.” And with that, Hamilton’s gearing up for one last ride with Mercedes. What a journey it’s going to be.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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