Hamilton: Red Bull’s Lack of Support for Perez

Lewis Hamilton has come to the defense of Sergio Perez, claiming that the Red Bull team is not supporting him and that certain individuals within the team are causing him mental strain, but Hamilton believes that Perez can handle the situation and the support of the home crowd at the Mexican Grand Prix may help him recover.


‣ Lewis Hamilton supports Sergio Perez at the Mexican Grand Prix
‣ Hamilton claims that the Red Bull team did not help Perez and contributed to his mental strain
‣ Hamilton believes Perez can handle the situation and that the home crowd can help him recover
‣ Hamilton was initially excited for Perez at the beginning of the season but acknowledges the challenges of a long year and season.

Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time Formula One world champion, has come to the defense of Sergio Perez, Max Verstappen‘s teammate at Red Bull Racing, ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix. Speaking to Mexican newspaper Esto, Hamilton expressed his belief that the Red Bull team did not support Perez adequately and even caused him mental strain. “I think his team is not helping him at all,” Hamilton said. “There are people who affect it psychologically and do not support.”

Despite the difficult situation, Hamilton believes that Perez is capable of handling the pressure. “If I heard such negativity, it would be very difficult,” Hamilton said. “But I think he knows how to deal with it.” Hamilton also highlighted the potential impact of the home crowd, stating that Mexico’s support could help Perez recover and perform at his best. Comparing it to his own experience at Silverstone, where he felt motivated by the support of the British fans, Hamilton expects Mexico to have a similar effect on Perez.

Hamilton’s initial expectations for Perez this season were high, as he believed the Mexican driver was showcasing his best skills. However, he acknowledges that a Formula One season is long and challenging. Despite facing setbacks, Perez has demonstrated resilience and determination throughout his career, which Hamilton commends. “Something I can assure is that Mexico is going to show itself this weekend,” Hamilton added.

In conclusion, Hamilton’s words of support for Perez emphasize his belief in the Mexican driver’s abilities and highlight the challenges Perez has faced within the Red Bull team. Hamilton expresses optimism that Perez can overcome the difficulties with the help of his home crowd and his own resilience.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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