Hamilton Seizes Winning Opportunity, Makes Challenge Tougher

Lewis Hamilton believes he had a chance to beat Max Verstappen in the US GP, but acknowledges that strategic decisions and setbacks in the team made their performance more challenging, and he is lenient on Mercedes for their mistakes.


‣ Lewis Hamilton believes he had a chance to beat Max Verstappen in the US GP weekend
‣ Hamilton attributes his team’s strategic decisions for making his race harder
‣ Hamilton is lenient on Mercedes and acknowledges their competition’s strong performance
‣ Despite missed opportunities, Hamilton sees positives in matching their pace and finishing only two seconds behind Verstappen

In the recent US GP, Lewis Hamilton was unfortunately disqualified, but before that, he managed to secure second place and take home the trophy. Despite facing challenges with strategy and setbacks within the team, the Mercedes driver put up a commendable performance, getting close to Max Verstappen. Reflecting on his race, Hamilton admits that they could have won if things had gone differently.

During a press conference, Hamilton expressed his belief that he had a fighting chance against Verstappen. He acknowledged, “I do think we would have been in a fighting position to fight with Max. We made our life a lot harder today [Sunday] than it probably needed to be.” This statement hints at the strategic decisions made by Mercedes, which caught them off guard when Verstappen made an early pit stop.

Hamilton goes on to highlight the setbacks that affected him, particularly in the closing stages of the race. Verstappen’s braking issues allowed Hamilton to close the gap and come remarkably close to victory. Despite this missed opportunity, Hamilton shows understanding towards his team, taking responsibility himself and recognizing the strong competition they face. He admits, “There’s lots of areas that we could have been better, but the positives are that we were at points matching them for pace.”

Overall, Hamilton’s performance in the US GP was commendable, given the challenges he faced. Although he believes they could have won, he remains lenient towards Mercedes, understanding the difficult competition they are up against. Despite the setbacks and missed opportunities, Hamilton remains optimistic about the team’s potential, stating, “To be only two seconds back afterwards at the end of the race, I think is a good sign.”

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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