Hamilton Unimpressed by His Performance, Finishes Ninth

Lewis Hamilton expressed dissatisfaction with his performance and the Mercedes W15’s high-speed capabilities after finishing ninth at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, despite his efforts and hopes for improvement in future races.


‣ Lewis Hamilton expressed dissatisfaction after finishing ninth at the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix, indicating a challenging weekend for the Mercedes driver.

‣ Despite starting in eighth position, Hamilton only managed to gain one spot during the race, highlighting issues with the car’s high-speed performance.

‣ Hamilton criticized the W15’s high-speed capabilities, acknowledging ongoing struggles over the past three years and the tough reality of not being competitive enough on high-speed tracks.

‣ Despite the setbacks, Hamilton remains hopeful for future races, believing that improvements in the car’s performance could make them contenders once again.

Lewis Hamilton? Not exactly thrilled after the Saudi Arabia Grand Prix. The man found himself stuck in ninth place. A weekend that, frankly, didn’t sparkle for the Mercedes team.

### Hamilton’s Saudi Struggles

Qualifying? A bit of a bummer. He snagged the eighth spot to start. Then, after all that effort, he only managed to climb one position by the end. Crossing the finish line in ninth? Not what he’d hoped for. When prodded about his less-than-joyous mood by Viaplay, Hamilton’s reply dripped with sarcasm. “Well, I came ninth…” he quipped.

The W15, especially on those zippy tracks, isn’t exactly Hamilton’s best friend. “Our car’s high-speed performance? Pretty dismal.” He’s been grappling with this for three years, dreaming of a car that could jostle for the lead. Instead, he’s met with this harsh reality. Yet, he insists, he gave it his all.

### Looking Ahead with Hope

Hamilton, now 39, isn’t throwing in the towel just yet. He’s hopeful. “I gave it everything out there,” he said, eyes possibly on the horizon. If they can just inject a bit more oomph into their performance, especially at high speeds, they’ll be contenders. Because, in his words, the car has its strengths in other areas. Hamilton’s wrapping it up with a bit of optimism, despite the current gloom.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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