Hamilton & Verstappen disagree over ‘ridiculous’ disqualification

Lewis Hamilton believes that his disqualification from the US Grand Prix is detrimental to Formula 1 and that the FIA rules should be changed to prevent such incidents in the future.


‣ Lewis Hamilton thinks his disqualification is bad for Formula 1
‣ The FIA rules make it harder than it needs to be
‣ Hamilton finds the FIA’s rules ridiculous and wants them to change
‣ Mercedes’ technical director called the disqualification shameful, but Hamilton disagrees

Lewis Hamilton has expressed his frustration with the disqualification and believes it is detrimental to Formula 1. In an interview with Sky Sports, Hamilton stated, “We’ve got to do something, hopefully, they’ll learn a little bit from the future. If we’re having a sprint race, maybe we should be able to change just the skid, for example, or the floor on a Saturday night, so on Sunday, you don’t have this ridiculous kind of event afterwards.” Hamilton believes that the rules need to be changed to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

Hamilton also disagreed with Mercedes’ previous statements that the disqualification was due to a mistake by the team. He argued, “It wasn’t like the floor bowing and giving us extra downforce or anything like that. It was terrible over the kerbs, and if we had raised the car a millimetre or a half a millimetre, it wouldn’t have made a difference, except for we didn’t, we would have just failed.”

While Hamilton voiced his frustration, other drivers in the paddock had a different view. Lando Norris questioned why Hamilton and Leclerc’s teammates were not checked, and Max Verstappen agreed with Norris. Alexander Albon also wondered why more drivers were not subjected to post-race checks. This suggests that there may be dissatisfaction among other drivers regarding the consistency of the FIA’s enforcement of the rules.

Overall, Hamilton’s disqualification and his subsequent comments highlight the need for a review of the regulations in Formula 1. The incident not only affected the outcome of the US Grand Prix but also raised questions about the fairness and consistency of the rules. It remains to be seen whether the FIA will take Hamilton’s suggestions into consideration and make changes to prevent similar controversies in the future.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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