Hamilton’s Reaction to DSQ: Progression Not Taken Away

Despite being disqualified due to an illegal floor, Lewis Hamilton remained positive about his performance in the US Grand Prix, believing he could have caught Max Verstappen and potentially won the race with a few more laps.


‣ Lewis Hamilton believes he would’ve caught Max Verstappen if the race had lasted longer
‣ Hamilton was disqualified because of an illegal floor
‣ Hamilton went through a deep process to get himself back after feeling like he let the team down
‣ Hamilton remains positive despite the disqualification and believes they made progress

In a thrilling US Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton displayed his determination to catch Max Verstappen’s Red Bull. Unfortunately, Hamilton’s hopes were dashed as he was ultimately disqualified due to an illegal floor. Reflecting on the race, Hamilton acknowledged the missed opportunity: “We were catching them towards the end…I just needed a couple more laps.”

Despite the disappointment, Hamilton maintained a positive outlook. He expressed gratitude for the hard work that went into bringing upgrades to the car and acknowledged the personal journey he had to undertake after a disappointing race in Qatar. “It’s one of those experiences of ‘it’s not how you fall, it’s how you get back up’,” Hamilton stated.

Looking back on the race in Austin, Hamilton acknowledged that there were areas where the team could have performed better. However, he remained optimistic about the progress they have made over the weekend. “It is of course disappointing to be disqualified post-race but that doesn’t take away from the progress we’ve made.”

While the disqualification may have overshadowed Hamilton’s impressive performance, it is clear that he is determined to keep pushing forward. As Hamilton said, “I came here in the mood to fight hard, felt great, and I’m really happy with my performance.” Despite this setback, Hamilton’s resilience and determination are evident, and his positive attitude bodes well for the future races.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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