Hamilton’s Upcoming Birthday: Title Chances for a 39-Year-Old

Lewis Hamilton, who will turn 39 soon, plans to compete for at least two more seasons in an attempt to win an eighth world title, but his success largely depends on whether his team, Mercedes, can provide a competitive car.


‣ Lewis Hamilton, the most successful F1 driver ever, aims to win an eighth world title in the next two seasons.
‣ Hamilton’s success in the title race is largely dependent on his team, Mercedes, which has underperformed in the past two seasons.
‣ The time for Hamilton to win another title is getting shorter, and if he fails to become champion in the next two seasons, it’s uncertain whether he will continue racing.
‣ Former F1 driver John Watson believes Hamilton can still become world champion if Mercedes can provide him with a competitive car.

Lewis Hamilton’s 39th birthday is coming up this Sunday. But don’t expect him to retire just yet. He’s got his sights set on a historic eighth world title. He’s planning to stick around for at least two more seasons. But can we really expect another title win?

It’s not about Hamilton’s skills. Any F1 fan knows he’s still got what it takes. The guy’s a 103-time Grand Prix winner, after all. But his Mercedes has been holding him back. For two seasons straight, it’s missed the mark. Despite this, Mercedes still managed to snag second place in the constructors’ championship.

Hamilton’s Fate Tied to Mercedes

The big question is whether Mercedes can deliver a car that can take on Red Bull Racing in 2024 and 2025. Time’s ticking for Hamilton. He’s the world title record holder, sharing the spot with Michael Schumacher. But racing isn’t his only love. He’s also into fashion and film. If he doesn’t clinch the championship in the next two seasons, will he stick around like Fernando Alonso did at 42?

The stats suggest Hamilton’s chances of another world title are dwindling. Sure, five guys have won the title post-39. But four of them did it in the 50s and 60s (Fangio, Farina, Brabham, and Graham Hill). Nigel Mansell did it at 39 in 1992, but that was just nine days after his birthday.

Hamilton vs. Alonso?

Ex-F1 driver John Watson thinks Hamilton’s still got a shot. “If Lewis has the same fire as Fernando (Alonso, 42 and still killing it at Aston Martin), I don’t see why he can’t nab an eighth title. But it all hinges on Mercedes delivering the right car,” Watson told the Daily Mail. “I’d love to see him go head-to-head with Max Verstappen. He’s the only one who could challenge him with the right package. It’d be interesting to see how Max reacts,” Watson added.

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