Hockenheim Identifies High Risk in German F1 Ticket Pricing

Jorn Teske, the director of Hockenheimring, remains hopeful for Formula 1’s return to the circuit but emphasizes the challenge of balancing high competition from other circuits, the need for external financial support, and keeping ticket prices affordable for price-sensitive German fans.


‣ Germany has a rich history in motorsport, highlighted by the success of Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel, which justified having its own Grand Prix. However, the German Grand Prix has been absent from the F1 calendar for several years.

‣ Hockenheimring director Jorn Teske is interested in bringing Formula 1 back to the circuit but faces challenges due to the high competition among circuits and the substantial financial investments required.

‣ There is a strong interest in Formula 1 among Germans, with potential attendance estimated between 70,000 to 100,000 spectators, but high ticket prices could deter a significant number of fans.

‣ The Hockenheimring cannot afford the high costs associated with hosting an F1 event without raising ticket prices significantly, making it necessary to find external financial support to keep ticket prices affordable for fans.

Ah, Germany. Once a titan in the motorsport realm, right? They churned out legends like Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. Icons, really. Naturally, having such giants meant Germany boasted its own Grand Prix. But, alas, that’s history now. The F1 calendar has moved on, leaving spots like the Hockenheim circuit yearning for the roar of engines.

Now, Jorn Teske, the guy steering the ship at Hockenheimring, hasn’t thrown in the towel. He dreams of F1’s grand return. Yet, he’s no fool. The competition? Fierce. Other circuits are shelling out big bucks to host the F1 extravaganza. For Hockenheim, matching those sums means hiking ticket prices to the moon.

### How many fans would come to F1 at Hockenheim?

Teske’s got his finger on the pulse. He knows there’s a hunger for F1 in Germany. But pinning down whether 70,000 or maybe even 100,000 fans would turn up? That’s a tough cookie. “This number is relatively high,” he muses in an interview with Auto, Motor und Sport. He’s optimistic, though, believing in the possibility of a packed house. Yet, there’s a catch. Skyrocketing ticket prices, as seen elsewhere, could kill that dream dead.

Germans, you see, have a keen eye for bargains. Teske drops a truth bomb: they’re “incredibly price-sensitive.” A warning follows. Average ticket prices hitting 300 euros? That’s playing with fire. “The risk is just very high then,” he admits. Going solo on this financial tightrope isn’t an option. External backers are the lifeline Hockenheim needs to keep the dream of affordable F1 tickets alive.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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