Horner Calls for FIA Action: Labeling It a Travesty

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner believes that adjustments need to be made to the rules of sprint racing in Formula 1, particularly regarding the Parc Ferme rule, in order to make it more satisfying and rewarding for the drivers and teams.


‣ The current sprint weekend format in Formula 1 needs adjustments
‣ Parc Ferme rules should be reviewed to allow more setup adjustments
‣ Teams should have the opportunity to make changes after the sprint race
‣ The sprint race format needs to be more satisfying and rewarding for drivers, teams, and fans.

The Mexican Grand Prix is offering F1 drivers a ‘normal’ race weekend, without any experimental formats or sprint races. Last week’s race in the United States featured a sprint race, which was won by Max Verstappen. While it was a positive outcome for Red Bull Racing, team boss Christian Horner is not entirely sold on the current sprint weekend setup.

Although Verstappen would prefer to abolish sprint races altogether, Horner believes that adjustments can be made to improve the format instead. One area he highlights is the Parc Ferme rule, which restricts teams from making changes to their cars after qualifying. Horner calls it a “joke” and suggests that more flexibility is needed to allow engineers to fine-tune the cars.

Another concern raised by Horner is the lack of incentive and jeopardy in the sprint race. He believes that the format needs to be modified to make it more satisfying and rewarding for the drivers and teams. Horner emphasizes that if the drivers and teams enjoy the format, it will ultimately be more appealing to the fans as well.

In addition, Horner questions the need for extensive adjustments after the sprint race on Saturday. He argues that it is essentially just a long run and calls for a closer examination of how the format can be improved. Horner suggests focusing on making the format more enticing and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Overall, Horner’s perspective sheds light on the potential areas of improvement for the sprint race format. By addressing concerns such as the Parc Ferme rule and enhancing the overall experience for drivers, teams, and fans alike, there is an opportunity to make the sprint race format more appealing and rewarding for all parties involved.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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