Horner Comments on Potential Suspension for Helmut Marko

Christian Horner discussed Max Verstappen‘s pole position and addressed rumors about Helmut Marko’s possible suspension, highlighting Red Bull Racing’s strong qualifying performance in Saudi Arabia with Verstappen in P1 and Sergio Perez in P3.


‣ Christian Horner discussed Max Verstappen’s pole position and addressed Helmut Marko’s statements and a possible suspension during an interview with Viaplay.

‣ Red Bull Racing had a successful qualifying in Saudi Arabia, with Verstappen securing P1 and Sergio Perez landing in P3, indicating a strong performance from the team.

‣ Horner praised Verstappen’s exceptional performance in Q3, attributing his success to his own abilities and highlighting the importance of the final qualifying session.

‣ The potential suspension of Helmut Marko was mentioned, with Horner expressing uncertainty about the rumor. It was clarified that Marko is associated with Red Bull GmbH, not Red Bull Racing, and there has been no official statement from Red Bull GmbH regarding his suspension.

Christian Horner had a moment in front of the Viaplay cameras right after the qualifiers wrapped up. Naturally, the chatter was all about Max Verstappen snagging that pole position. But, there was a bit of buzz around Helmut Marko’s comments and whispers of a suspension too.

Now, let’s talk about Red Bull Racing’s day out in Saudi Arabia. It was nothing short of stellar. Verstappen landed in P1, and right behind him, in P3, was Sergio Perez. “Yeah, very strong,” Horner beamed. “Two laps that could’ve easily snatched the pole. The car’s just humming along. And Checo? Landing in P3 was the cherry on top. So, yeah, a solid qualifying round for us.”

### Horner weighs in on the Marko suspension saga

Verstappen, oh, he was in a league of his own. Especially after things looked tight in the earlier sessions. But Q3? That’s where he shone. “It’s all him,” Horner mused. “Q3’s where you lay it all on the line, and Max? He just nailed it. That first lap was out of this world, clinching the pole right then and there.”

And then, out of the blue, the talk shifted to Helmut Marko. Rumors were swirling about a possible suspension. Marko himself hinted at it, mentioning he might be on the sidelines soon, with Verstappen’s backing no less. Horner seemed caught off guard. “First I’m hearing of it,” he admitted. “No clue where that’s coming from.”

As for Red Bull Racing’s stance on the Marko buzz? They kept it tight. Marko, they clarified, isn’t on the racing team but with Red Bull GmbH. And from the GmbH camp? Silence. No official word yet on Marko’s fate.

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