Horner Delighted with Perez’s Strategy & Progress

Max Verstappen won the US Grand Prix despite braking problems, teammate Sergio Perez finished fourth, Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner is pleased with the team’s strategy but Perez expected more.


‣ Max Verstappen won the US Grand Prix from P6 despite braking problems.
‣ Sergio Perez finished in P4 after disqualifying Lewis Hamilton.
‣ Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner is happy with the team’s strategy and Perez’s result.
‣ Perez himself expected more from the strategy.

Max Verstappen’s victory at the US Grand Prix was an impressive feat, as he overcame braking problems to secure the win from P6. His Red Bull Racing teammate, Sergio Perez, also had a strong race, finishing in P4 after disqualifying Lewis Hamilton. Red Bull team boss Christian Horner expressed his satisfaction with the team’s strategy and Perez’s performance, although Perez himself felt there was room for improvement.

Horner praised the team’s optimal strategy that allowed Verstappen to clinch his 50th F1 victory. However, it seems Horner did not mention Perez’s strategy in his review of the race, focusing more on Verstappen’s success. He did acknowledge Perez’s progress, stating, “good to see Checo making some progress as well.”

When asked about Perez’s confidence, Horner acknowledged that Perez had a strong pace throughout the race and performed well. However, Perez himself seemed slightly critical of the strategy employed during the race, expressing his desire for more opportunities to fight and undercut his rivals.

Despite the difference in perspectives between Horner and Perez regarding the strategy, both recognized the challenges of the race. Perez noted the difficulty of following other cars and staying in the fight, suggesting that a review of the strategy may be necessary.

Overall, Red Bull Racing had a strong showing at the US Grand Prix, with Verstappen’s victory and Perez’s solid performance. While there may be room for improvement in their strategy, the team remains optimistic about their prospects moving forward.

Albert Ramirez
Albert Ramirez
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